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User Info: Diggleman

1 month ago#1
well? what are your favorite spirit builds?.
silksong Hype Diggle from Whopper.Jr (ACNH) also hoenn is the best hands DOWN

User Info: SomeBlindGuy

1 month ago#2
I have waaaaaay too many to list considering I have 80 saved Spirit Teams of varying strength, but my absolute favorite would be a build I dub "The Powerhouse". The Primary Spirit is Cutie J (who has Easier Dodging) with the Wind Fish (who grants Special Attack Up) and Victini (Who grants Hyper Smash Attacks) as Supports, the team has a Team Power of 15,201, and when I use it with Bayonetta it gets boosted up to 16,719.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#3
Metal Face and Psedo Palutena.

Boom, 5-10 second victory to like 90% of Spirit Battles.

User Info: Lizuka

1 month ago#4
Medusa and Calamity Ganon both end most fights almost immediately.

User Info: Quiy

1 month ago#5
Anything with instant fast fall is pretty dumb and leads to this weird stuff

Jigglypuff is the best abuser of the instant fast fall, you can rack up 60% with this method alone thanks to their air speed. Add in rest and they're probably dead by then if you fast fall rest.
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