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  3. Spirit Rematches should've included the Bosses.

User Info: grantholomew

1 month ago#11
Yeah, the bosses really feel like a waste sometimes. The only ways to rematch them are usually tedious and can’t usually be down with every character.

Subspace let us refight the bosses when revisiting the levels, I wish WoL would let us do that.
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User Info: mew2ds

1 month ago#12
I feel like if they never add a boss rush, they should at least put them here. It's low effort... but damn... at least it's SOMETHING
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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#13
Apollo500 posted...
It's disappointing. Is it really so much to ask to be able to just fight Rathalos, or Marx, or Dracula whenever I want with whoever I want?
Exactly. And no, the gauntlet at the end of WOL isn't it.

User Info: Squhawk

4 weeks ago#14
*Optimistic me*
”Hey at least we have bosses to fight in the first place, and who knows maybe they’ll add it in an update at some point.

*Realistic me*
”I want Boss Battles mode so bad; just add a rest area, make it 4 player co-op and BOOM it’s perfect...!

But honestly the hunger for more is an insatiable appetite that can never fully be pleased. So I will continue to appreciate and enjoy what’s here now, while hoping that we might just get something more as DLC...
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  3. Spirit Rematches should've included the Bosses.
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