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  3. Who was the most hype 3rd party reveal for you?

User Info: Alligamer72

3 weeks ago#1
I don't think anything will top Cloud for me, FF in smash was a pipedream for ages and I'm glad we finally got a rep no matter how limited it is.

Joker is 2nd.
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User Info: NicoRobin007

3 weeks ago#2
Banjo. Decade+ of hoping and dreaming culminating in one trailer. Can't be beat.
6/11/19- Sakurai granted my wish and ended 20 years of hoping. Guh-huh!
Still low key hoping for Toad/Dixie in Smash one day. And a Banjo game.

User Info: BasedZamasu

3 weeks ago#3
Mega Man
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User Info: Lilfoxtato

3 weeks ago#4
Either Banjo or Sonic. Joker was pretty hype too.

User Info: crazybenjamin

3 weeks ago#5
Simon and Mega Man
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User Info: Hello891011

3 weeks ago#6
Probably Bayonetta or Pac-Man.
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User Info: LilySodachi

3 weeks ago#7
Bayonetta, Ryu, Terry.
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User Info: x_darkness_x666

3 weeks ago#8
Banjo. He was my most wanted for a long time and I admit I screamed with joy when his reveal trailer dropped.
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User Info: kirbyakaZ

3 weeks ago#9
Snake in Brawl, then Banjo in Ultimate.
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User Info: Tom Clark

Tom Clark
3 weeks ago#10
Sonic, then Mega Man, then Simon.
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  3. Who was the most hype 3rd party reveal for you?
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