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User Info: coder2121

3 days ago#1
Sakurai says they have to have a gimmick/playstyle never before seen in the history of Smash.

Who are you adding and what would their unique gimmick be?
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Done and done!
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User Info: DejinOda

3 days ago#3
Mike Haggar, aerial grabs and a pin mechanic.
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User Info: c0micboy

3 days ago#4
Isaac, Djinns that affect move set. Done.

User Info: coconutarmy1

3 days ago#5
A Sim!

The gimmick is money. Attacks increase money, which can be spent on more expensive specials. Why bounce back to stage on a stepstool when you can bounce back on the springy support of a luxury bed?
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User Info: OfficialPotato

3 days ago#6
Has a fighter ever had a roll that could hurt other fighters?

Because Sly's rolling dodge could easily be the Fast Getaway Raccoon Roll, a technique seen in the first game. It's a rolling technique that was first invented by Old Sally Cooper and improved by Kelle McCooper, who learned to augment the roll with an electric field around the user, dealing anyone they roll into.

So yeah, a roll that deals damage.
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User Info: ZenithianHero

3 days ago#7
Prince of All Cosmos already have that covered.

-Summons the Katamari. You can roll up items it'll grow a little and become stronger. If items are off, it'll still grow as you move around but slowly upgrades.
-The Katamari will knock opponents when you run them over. Similar to how moving objects get knocked around when you aren't large enough. You can pick up opponents with a powered up Katamari, but they won't stay in the ball it is treated as a grab.
-You can attack the ball, if it takes too much damage it will burst. Prince and anybody nearby will take damage in recoil and you have to wait a while before you can summon another.
-You can release a Katamari at any time. It'll be treated like a bomb.
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

3 days ago#8
Niiue's "gimmick" is more or less a blend of Hero and Robin's so I'll do Cole MacGrath. I made a moveset for him that let him use his Specials while remaining crouched, and he can use B to use his Neutral Special while clinging to walls, which I believe are both traits that no other fighters have.
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User Info: DuranmanX4

3 days ago#9
Ryu Hayabusa is added with stance changing
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Geno. His down B turns him in to star form with a new moveset, that's not very new, however, the doll can then be picked up and thrown, if it hits, it does 4% to the opponent, and 1% to you. If your opponent hits YOU with it, you get dealt 5%. If you play as the star form for 3 whole minutes, you will lose a stock, as a reference to that stars explode.
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