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User Info: Lord__Xander

5 days ago#1
What do you think - Results (262 votes)
New Main
4.58% (12 votes)
New secondary
4.58% (12 votes)
Will play her often
17.94% (47 votes)
Will play her occasionally
31.68% (83 votes)
Will play her rarely
15.65% (41 votes)
Didn't enjoy her, never play as her
8.4% (22 votes)
Haven't bought her
17.18% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I don't particularly enjoy using her so will probably rarely touch her

User Info: RuiNergigante

5 days ago#2
Don't find her fun at all and will never touch her again, just like her game. Hmm...

Also, a side note: I fought a few and I won every time.

Low tier for sure.
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User Info: Lilfoxtato

5 days ago#3
It takes some getting use to but, I'm really liking Min Min. I'm pleased with her than the majority of the DLC.

User Info: Erreur2LaNature

5 days ago#4
Fun to play but she seems kind of weak

User Info: Gaia093

5 days ago#5
She's fun and possibly really good in the right hands, and in the long term. I'm looking forward to some really skilled player picking her up.

Characters that play vastly different from others can't really be judged on first impressions. That's how you get things like ZeRo saying Sm4sh Bayo was mediocre on Day 1, which felt suspect at the time and f***ing hilarious in hindsight.
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User Info: konpakubeef

5 days ago#6
Ehh... Fun to play as sometimes, but ultimately I don’t think I’ll be using her often.
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User Info: Triforceformer

5 days ago#7
She doesn't seem "fun" to play AGAINST in any sense of the word.
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User Info: Dunkelheit666

5 days ago#8
The most weak dlc character. As of right now, the most boring new addition to the roster. Yeah, more boring than Byleth. At least Byleth have different attacks. Min Min feels like Sonic in the sense that all attacks feel the same.q
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User Info: SpacePirateKhan

5 days ago#9
Possibly new second. Her edge guarding skills seem like a nightmare. And she has dragons for arms. DRAGONS! Perfect partner for Bowser. :D
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User Info: Prinny_dood

5 days ago#10
Her hair looks tasty.
Holy crap, dood!
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