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User Info: MoneyMan1002

2 days ago#1
I talk about some of the same things multiple times like campaigning for Spring Man, Rex & Pyra, Steve, Geno and Conker. I also complain about some things like Spring Man not getting in. I have to learn to accept that he'll just have to wait until Smash 6 if he can't be in Ultimate's DLC.
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User Info: taoxadasa

2 days ago#2
If you have to ask, yes.
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User Info: Hello891011

2 days ago#3
No but I am.
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User Info: Alligamer72

2 days ago#4
Eh not that bad tbh but there are times when you can be a bit obtuse which can be annoying.

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User Info: DuranmanX4

2 days ago#5
Yes, and you deserve to be spanked
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User Info: stinkycat

2 days ago#6
You alway came off as a weirdo
I thought you were trolling tbh
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User Info: Gargomon251

2 days ago#7
MoneyMan1002 posted...
I talk about some of the same things multiple times
If you mean creating duplicate threads, the answer is yes.
GameFAQs mods punish you for complaining in replies and tell you to use the report system instead.
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User Info: TheMindGamer

2 days ago#8
Have you gloated anywhere about Min Min? If you haven't, I'd say you're better than most.


User Info: MoneyMan1002

2 days ago#9
DuranmanX4 posted...
Yes, and you deserve to be spanked
What did I do?
Ho ho ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, Seymour.

User Info: crazybenjamin

2 days ago#10
No, you're just a bit stubborn, that's all.
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