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  3. Which of your main's taunts is your least favorite?

User Info: PlasmaCannon

1 week ago#11
Palutena: Side Taunt
Peach: Side Taunt
Jigglypuff: Down Taunt
Villager: Up Taunt
Isabelle: Down Taunt
Inkling: Side Taunt
Mii Swordfighter: Up/Side Taunt
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User Info: Need2KnowLion

1 week ago#12
For Banjo, it’s up taunt.

For Shulk, it’s up taunt.

For Wolf, it’s down taunt.

User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

1 week ago#13
I suppose the trip. Not to say I dislike it, but I love the inclusion of Rope Snake in a taunt if he's going to be in the moveset, and the other one shows off his psychic ability. While the Up Taunt, him tripping, is probably just most reflective of his personality and character, I just enjoy using the others more.
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User Info: Nightfire2512

1 week ago#14
Link: the Zelda 2 esque “standing on one leg” pose. Something about it just feels off to me.

Samus: the salute or the one where the arm cannon opens up and spins around, or whatever it does. Hard to say.

Shulk: “Now it’s Shulk time.” I know it’s a reference to Reyn, I just wish it was something he actually...said in his game.

User Info: LeonMitarashi

1 week ago#15
"Ready when you are."

The quote speaks for itself, but the animation is the most boring out of the 3, especially for a funny character like Palutena.
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User Info: endergamer537

1 week ago#16
Any of Dedede's taunts pales in comparison to his crouch. His down taunt with him dancing and spinning around is good enough, but the other two are kind of boring.
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User Info: FMT_Player

1 week ago#17
While Little Mac’s taunts aren’t that fantastic, I actually really like them all. Objectively, side taunt but I situationally use down taunt the least (I usually use it as my “disrespect” taunt)
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User Info: LordAlistair

1 week ago#18
The one where Ike screams and tries to power up like Goku. No idea why that's a thing.
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