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  3. Which of your main's taunts is your least favorite?

User Info: Hello891011

1 week ago#1
For me, it’s the Ice Climbers’ Up Taunt.

I mean, it’s cool that it references their Bonus Clear animation from Ice Climber, but one of their victory screens is basically the same animation.

They should have went all the way and had them holding up their flag in their victory screen to differentiate the animations a bit.

The taunt was also better in Brawl, where they jumped three times instead of one.
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User Info: Totes-My-Boats

1 week ago#2
Ridley’s side taunt. It’s not as fun as the screeching and him standing straight up.
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User Info: Extremmefan

1 week ago#3
Daisy here sooo... Down taunt I guess? Up and side taunts are very reflective of her personality, but down taunt is just her going "huh" and posing in a nonenergetic way.
It's not necessarily bad, but compared to the other two it's unarguably the least fitting, as much as it still works for a down taunt.
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User Info: crazybenjamin

1 week ago#4
Inkling's side taunt is kinda meh. The other two are way more energetic in comparison. (though I'm mostly saying this because I play as the male variant, in the case of the female variant, the "funny meme sound" is mapped to her side taunt, while the male variant's funny meme sound is mapped to tilt attacks.)
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User Info: generalguy64

1 week ago#5
None of R.O.B.'s taunts are particularly good. I'll say the head and arm spin. I like the Laser Eyes the most though.
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User Info: bengever

1 week ago#6
"Now it's Shulk time!"
would it have been too hard to give him a third taunt using a quote of his from Xenoblade? I love the nod to Reyn at least, but it's a little bit glaring compared to "I'm really feeling it" and "This is the Monado's power"; two lines Shulk has in Xenoblade.
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User Info: DOTBHDD

1 week ago#7
Mega Man's up taunt is kinda boring.

User Info: ItsTruckMonth

1 week ago#8
Snake's box, but it's also my favorite taunt.

Probably because it's his only taunt.
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User Info: ZeroBeats Ghost

ZeroBeats Ghost
1 week ago#9
I love all of Wario's taunts equally, so I honestly can't say.
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User Info: crazybenjamin

1 week ago#10
I didn't get pec bounced by Max Brass
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  3. Which of your main's taunts is your least favorite?
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