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  3. Would you survive your Main's Down Special?

User Info: TheHypist

1 week ago#51
Vision: Depends on what art he has, if he has Smash I just get knocked back hard. If he has Buster it could f*** me up. (Assuming he hits me with Forward Vision.)

Grenegg: If the explosion doesn’t kill me, the follow up will.

Limit Charge: I wouldn’t survive any of his Limit specials, at all.

Chroy Counter: Ded

Min Min players are lucky cause Down B just changes her ARMS.
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User Info: BlueVanLock

1 week ago#52
Incineroar's Revenge.

I'll survive with couple of burns... or with zero damage, if I just don't hit them.
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User Info: GRankbowhunter

1 week ago#53
I would survive it never hits anyways.
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User Info: kirbyakaZ

1 week ago#54
Any of Kirby's rock transformations hitting me in the head from above would probably kill me without a hard hat.

Kirby Dance

User Info: OracleEleven

1 week ago#55
Hero uses Metal Slash, based on RNG I randomly did! Since I’m not metal, I’m walking away with a minor cut, lucky me!
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User Info: Laveraz

1 week ago#56
Bowser's down B simply crushes every single bone at once. I'm dead

Megaman... leaves arent so bad, but these leaves can destroy robots.

User Info: Guhuhgrenadier

1 week ago#57
Well considering my main's down special is a f***ing grenade I think I'd be blown to pieces

User Info: Jack_the_monke7

1 week ago#58

Dead as can be.
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User Info: keyslayer

1 week ago#59
Puffs rest.

Oh no.

User Info: FireBall2645

1 week ago#60
Witch Time does no damage so I’m good
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  3. Would you survive your Main's Down Special?
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