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  3. Would you survive your Main's Down Special?

User Info: Eyebrawlerz

1 week ago#31
All Dark Pit does is summon guardian orbitars.... I think I’ll be fine.
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User Info: firedraco2

1 week ago#32
Roy does a pose. Nice.
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User Info: crazybenjamin

1 week ago#33
amgoosehjonk posted...
Would a splat bomb even have any effect on me, considering it's just ink? I would probably come out a little stained, sure, but probably not any worse for wear.

Tomasagaz14 posted...
All attacks are directed to you.
The bomb is hurled at you at full force, that's the real concern.
I didn't get pec bounced by Max Brass

User Info: crazybenjamin

1 week ago#34
firedraco2 posted...
Roy does a pose. Nice.

Tomasagaz14 posted...
Oh, and if your main has a Counter Down B, then you must Punch them and receive the counter.
I didn't get pec bounced by Max Brass

User Info: mrHowlll

1 week ago#35
Dr. Mario's Dr. Tornado would probably break bones if used optimally. I'd might live though if I'm lucky.
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User Info: FMT_Player

1 week ago#36
Little Mac’s would definitely hurt, but not fatal so I’d be good 👌🏻
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1 week ago#37
Whazituya's Pound is disabled!
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User Info: KnightMysterio

1 week ago#38
Sammy's bombs would probably blast my ankles off, but if I got tourniquets on fast enough I'd probably survive.

Dark Sammy's bombs... would poison me with phazon and turn me into a necromorph. So no.
Long live the Alliance! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

User Info: Viper_Kadachi

1 week ago#39
BJ's Mechakoopa would hurt a lot.

Plant would eat me.

Bowser will destroy me.
Waddling on like a Waddle Dee.
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User Info: darkhydra42

1 week ago#40
Totes-My-Boats posted...
Ridley’s tail pierces my chest. Rip.
You might be alive if he doesn't sweetspot it.
-Just a flesh wound
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  3. Would you survive your Main's Down Special?
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