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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#1
Topic Title - Results (39 votes)
Master Hand & Crazy Hand
30.77% (12 votes)
Giga Bowser
7.69% (3 votes)
30.77% (12 votes)
2.56% (1 vote)
23.08% (9 votes)
2.56% (1 vote)
2.56% (1 vote)
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User Info: Ender68

1 month ago#2
Dracula is a pain in the dick on harder difficulties.

I'd also nominate Master Hand and Crazy Hand together, as some of their moves are super cheap and are really hard to avoid.
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User Info: OracleEleven

1 month ago#3
I say Ganon, only because striking him from behind means you need a fast character. I main Greninja, so all things considered it was pretty easy, but I can see how other characters would have a much more difficult time. That, or Galleom.
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User Info: gee_willikers

1 month ago#4
Going with Dracula because he took a while to beat on hard.

User Info: demon_cleaner

1 month ago#5
Dracula depends a lot on which character you're playing as. He's a pain with the Belmonts but fairly easy with Pac-man, for example. He's probably the hardest though.

Ganon isn't as hard, but some characters have a really bad time reaching his tail and he can be painful.

The others are all pretty easy

User Info: DiduXD

1 month ago#6
Gabon because of the tail gimmick. At least with Dracula you only have to put up with it for the first phase.
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User Info: Lyncario

1 month ago#7
I would say Dracula, as his attacks are the hardest to dodge for me, even with Belmon dair cheese.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#8
Bump. Poor Marx.
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