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User Info: Akg0001

2 months ago#1

Your thoughts?

User Info: Untouch

2 months ago#2
that's not toilet paper mummy what are you doing you're buying the wrong thing
(message deleted)

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

2 months ago#4
Master Mummy just got cancelled.
You have just spent time to read my signature.

User Info: ObeseCity

2 months ago#5
Nvm this game was ahead of it’s time

"You're free to go, Mr. Manson. We didn't realize your actions were ironic."

User Info: grantholomew

2 months ago#6
Bruh he shouldn’t be out and about, he’s way older than 60
Bandana Dee and Elma for Smash...someday...

User Info: CoolMagikarp

2 months ago#7
It's tape.
If that is toilet paper the fabric would get Dusty and/or wrecked.
Cute picture though.
Magikarp used Splash!
Nothing happened...
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