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  3. What's your opinion on an ARMS rep being in Smash?

User Info: Branch

3 days ago#1
What's your opinion on an ARMS rep being in Smash?

With it recently being revealed an ARMS rep is the next fighter, I want yo know what are people's opinions on it.
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User Info: BasedZamasu

3 days ago#2
Would've preferred a third party character.
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User Info: Lyncario

3 days ago#3
I don't care. If they're fun to play, good. It's not something I wanted, and it's not something I did not know so that I can learn about it, so I'm indifferent.
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Depends on who it is.

If it's Ninjara, probably in the "Fine addition" or "Indifferent" category (probably a 3.5).

If it's someone like Min Min, who I like a lot less, "Kinda disappointed" to "I hate it" (probably a 2).
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User Info: LynForTheWin

3 days ago#5
Well, they managed to at least hit the extremely low bar of not being another FE character or something incredibly stupid like Piranha Plant.
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User Info: Light_Dragon

3 days ago#6
As always, I don't care. Don't have a problem with anyone that gets into Smash.
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User Info: guystarwind

3 days ago#7
BasedZamasu posted...
Would've preferred a third party character.
In short this.

More power to the fans, but the game personally does nothing for me. I'll play as the Arms rep once to see how they are and then never again. I'd rather have a third party that breaks new the limits. Then again we have five more characters.
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User Info: Lord__Xander

3 days ago#8
I wasn't that into arms but it's uniqueness will make it a fun character, plus it's better than any of the dlc characters from Nintendo so far

User Info: DarkKirby2500

3 days ago#9
Don't care.

I'm not upset, but I was never a fan of ARMS.
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I couldn't possibly be more neutral.
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  3. What's your opinion on an ARMS rep being in Smash?
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