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User Info: LilySodachi

1 week ago#1
Consider this a thread where you can dump your opinions whether popular or unpopular, Smash-related or not.

Just felt like doing one for general opinions, without having to limit people to whether they're unpopular or not.
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User Info: PeachyFart

1 week ago#2
Sunshine is the best 3D Mario.

Odyssey has the lamest, most overrated, and shallow movement options and sense of momentum out of the three open ended 3D Mario games.

Wario World is one of the greatest games of all time, and it's better than every 3D Mario that isn't Sunshine.

Wario Land 4 is better than every 2D Mario.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius is best JPN only game
Metroid Prime 4 FTW

User Info: DuranmanX4

1 week ago#3
The Holodomor was Ukrainian Genocide

Taiwan should not be part of Mainland China government

Puerto Rico either needs to be a state or be independent
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Smash 4 is actually pretty good, and better than the games before it.

Joker in Ultimate is too OP.

Smash doesn’t need any more character DLCs. Let Sakurai rest.

Now for Non-related Smash:

Color Splash is the third best Paper Mario, and has a better art style than TTYD.

Paper Jam has the best final boss theme in the series, and as a whole is underrated.

Wind Waker is the worst 3D Zelda, and its artstyle isn’t that great.

Breath of the Wild does cel-shading better than Wind Waker.

Skyward Sword is actually one of the best Zelda games.

Mario 3D World and 3D Land get way to much hate, and have some of the best level design in the series.

Aside from being the first, Mario 64 isn’t anything special.

The NSMB games, despite being unoriginal and bland, get way too much hate.

Metroid M isn’t that bad aside from its terrible story.

Metroid Prime Corruption is the best Metroid Prime game.

Super Metroid is one of the best Metroid games and one of the best SNES games.

Samus Returns is as good as Super.

Tropical Freeze and Returns are better than the original DKC trilogy.

Wii U ports are welcome because they don’t get in the way of original releases.

SNES and N64 era games in general are overrated.
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User Info: bengever

1 week ago#5
the battle tower theme in Pokemon Sword/Shield is overrated
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User Info: Otakucon

1 week ago#6
male byleth > female byleth.
at least he doesn’t have to show off his skin to be considered “attractive” to a certain crowd 🙃
plus i prefer him more in three houses as well.
Roy, Byleth, and Robin are my favorite FE guys in smash

User Info: PowerfulSugar

1 week ago#7
-Revenge of the Sith was a good movie
-Fire Emblem Fates is very good.
-I had fun with Paper Mario Sticker Star, though I acknowledge it's flaws
-F-Zero X is better than GX and we need a remaster of the DD version
-I wish Final Fantasy kept the MP system it had in the first game
-I would love a Sonic 06 remaster since I think it could have been pretty good had it been finished.
-I don't like Edelgard

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User Info: sambonizer

1 week ago#8
Ocarina of Time is far from the greatest game ever.
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User Info: Garp_fist

1 week ago#9
Byleth was a great addition to Smash Ultimate

Wonderful 101 is the best game Platinum has ever made and the best Wii U game

Mario Odyssey is a bit too easy to stand as tall as the other exploration Mario games

I personally don’t think indie characters should be playable in Smash beyond Mii costumes. Steve is the exception but I no longer think he counts as indie.

Ace Combat is the Namco Bandai series that I actually wish would get content in Smash, but the series does not accommodate a playable character for a fighting game

The Wii had an incredible library, better than Gamecube and 64. But you had to dig through some crap to get to the gems

Digital Devil Saga 1+2 is Shoji Meguro’s magnum opus in terms of OST. Not Persona.

Mob Psycho is the best anime series...there’s nothing else to add to this statement

Scrooge McDuck is low key the best Disney character. At least discounting Marvel.
Viewtiful Joe, Wonderful 101, Project GG. The pure platinum hero trilogy!
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Otakucon posted...
male byleth > female byleth.
at least he doesn’t have to show off his skin to be considered “attractive” to a certain crowd 🙃
plus i prefer him more in three houses as well.
I'd like to extend this to Corrin.

Is Male Corrin good? No, but Female Corrin has done nothing better, and is only considered better because muh waifus.

Somehow, Female Robin has (for the most part) dodged that reputation, probably mostly because she's more covered up.

Also, Melee's the beginning of the reason why Fire Emblem had bloat. Brawl had it right when they replaced Roy with Ike. I think 4 could have gotten away with adding back Roy and then Robin, but then they added Lucina and Corrin on top of that. I guess that means Fire Emblem would have 5 in this game (since I was fine with Byleth's addition), but 5 is the limit Fire Emblem should have.

Uh... let's see, any more Fire Emblem ones while I'm here?

Oh, I know we're 99% getting Binding Blade next for Echoes, but I'd vastly prefer Genealogy of the Holy War (preferably with Thracia 776 bundled in, but I'd rather have Genealogy of the Holy War over Binding Blade and I'd rather have the Jugdral games over Elibe).
Not changing this part until Saki Amamiya (or Isa Jo) gets into Smash as a playable character! Started: January 20, 2018.
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