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  3. Any fans of the Castlevania Netflix series here?

User Info: Garp_fist

2 days ago#1
Season 3 very soon


I really hope we get Grant and that Hector gets his moment to be as cool as his game counterpart.
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User Info: Drag0nBlade

2 days ago#2
I enjoyed it. Thought the second season was weaker then season 1. but overall, I enjoyed it fully.
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User Info: Wynvkius

2 days ago#3
can’t wait for the studio’s DMC anime

User Info: Dark_Zoroark

2 days ago#4
Can't wait. One of the best game based series there is.
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User Info: Miraclechao

2 days ago#5
I enjoyed it. It definitely put Trevor up in my top 3 Belmonts. I like the trio's interactions too. It just felt so good, but it is hard to explain why. Maybe I'm not watching the right kind of stuff, but the trio felt like an actual team.
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User Info: mew2ds

2 days ago#6
Holy crap what? When did this happen? I am very excited now! Thanks for the heads up!
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User Info: Kokonutz

2 days ago#7
Huge fan. The series is why I gave Bloodstained a try and I loved it, it's also what made me hype for the Belmonts in Smash. Can't wait for season 3 and I really hope they continue the series with other Belmonts once they're done with Trevor.

User Info: DrOrpheus42

2 days ago#8
I liked Season 1, but got kinda upset with Season 2 because the Season 1 main characters were great and they got benched for such a big chunk of it.

Not upset enough to not watch Season 3 though.
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User Info: Wildstar

2 days ago#9
I'm so hyped
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User Info: DuranmanX4

2 days ago#10
definitely a better video game adaptation than Sonic the Hedgehog was
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