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User Info: UltimaSora91

1 week ago#61
I really like connecting characters and stories! Alright so sora...should be easy enough and have a couple of pathways:

Pathway 1: Cloud knows Sora and is in Smash.

Pathway 2: Cloud is a Square character-> Square had characters in Mario Hoops 3v3 on DS-> Sora is a character developed by Square and has been in a DS and 3DS games.

Pathway 3: Bowser, Ryu, Ken, Sonic, and Pac-Man were in Wreck-It-Ralph ->WIR was made by Disney -> Sora is a Disney character

Pathway 4: If you go to Japan in Disney's world showcase Kingdom Hearts merch is mixed in with Zelda merch and is directly across from the Pokemon section.

Oh, remembered Voice actor connections.

Pathway 5a: Ray Chase voices Roy-> Ray Chase also voices the Master of Masters in KH. Pathway 5b (longer): Ray Chase Roy to Ray Chase Iwabee (Naruto)-> Quinton Flynn voiced Iruka in Naruto-> Flynn voices Axel/Lea in KH
Is it me, or does it look like Yveltal posed as to say, "Come at me, bro"?
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User Info: MarthsCape

1 week ago#62
Well, Dante has crossed universes before in the Project X Zone games, and he's crossed over with Namco characters, who have crossed over with Pac-Man, who's crossed over with Byleth, my current main.
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Without Smash, I can't connect anyone to Saki, so I had to go behind the scenes a little

Terry was in King of Fighters XIV with Nakoruru
Nakoruru was in Samurai Shodown with Haohmaru
Haohmaru was in SoulCalibur 6 with Nightmare
Nightmare was in SoulCalibur 2 with Link
At this point, I could link it to Travis since he's worn a Majora's Mask shirt Link was referenced in Super Mario RPG
Mario is a main character in Super Mario RPG
Mario and Wario had a game called "Mario and Wario" on the SNES
Wario is connected to Bomberman through Wario Blast
Bomberman and Vic Viper can fight each other in Super Bomberman R
Treasure helped make Gradius V
Treasure made Sin and Punishment
Saki is the main protagonist of Sin and Punishment
Not changing this part until Saki Amamiya (or Isa Jo) gets into Smash as a playable character! Started: January 20, 2018.
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Kid Icarus has Komaytos (the totally not Metroids)
Samus appears in SMRPG, as does Link
Link appears on a couple shirts that can be worn by Travis in Travis Strikes Again:NMH
Travis Touchdown

User Info: Miraclechao

1 week ago#65
• Lip appeared in Captain Rainbow alongside Crazy Tracy.
• Crazy Tracy is from the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which of course, has Link.
• Link is the hero of the Legend of Zelda series, and Zelda often appears in the games.

This is ignoring Super Smash Bros, because that would be too easy.
Do the impossible and link me to a Wario Doujinshi, proof of Lip being confirmed for Smash, or a sequel to Billy Hatcher.
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User Info: Thunder_Armor

1 week ago#66
Little Mac participates in boxing matches refereed by Mario.

Mario's brother is Luigi.

Luigi stumbles across a mansion haunted by King Boo.
I should go.

User Info: WiiLover94

1 week ago#67
I'm sure there's a much shorter route but I felt like having fun lol

Main: Ganondorf
Most Wanted: Ryu Hayabusa

Ganondorf is Link's nemesis
Link has had numerous cameos with Mario including Super Mario RPG, Link's Awakening, etc.
Mario is a skin in Minecraft
Master Chief is also a skin in Minecraft
Ryu Hayabusa has an armor in Halo (and/or there's a Spartan in Dead or Alive, which Ryu frequently cameos in)
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Ryu Hayabusa for Smash!

User Info: prsboys

1 week ago#68
I main Byleth and my most wanted is Shadow the Hedgehog.
This is easy.
Byleth lives in the same universe that Marth once lived in.
Marth's armor and sword are available as weapons in Monster Hunter Generations.
The Monster Hunter games all take place in one world.
Sonic armor was available in MH 4 Ultimate for your cat.
Shadow and Sonic live in the same world.
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User Info: Y2JUzumaki

1 week ago#69
Main Lucina. She already appears in the same game as Dante in Project X Zone 2.

User Info: ItsTruckMonth

1 week ago#70
Most Wanted: Amaterasu
Main: Snake

Amaterasu appeared in Marvel v.s. Capcom 3, which also includes Dante.
Dante appears in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, alongside Raiden.
Raiden worked with Snake in the MGS series on multiple occasions.
Amaterasu & Doomslayer (F) for Smash!
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