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  3. Try to connect the universes of your main to your most wanted

User Info: McLahey

1 week ago#51
DuranmanX4 posted...
In the MVC2, there is classic Mega Man and Jill Valentine
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DuranmanX4 posted...
I have a less meta one

Banjo appears in Sonic & Sega Super All Stars Racing

and the cast of Bravely Default appears in Brave Exvius

so just connect nearly anyone from Sega to nearly anyone from Square Enix

EDIT: I forgot, connect Banjo to Diddy, Diddy to Mario, and Mario to Final Fantasy via Mario Hoops 3v3
I would've gone that direction, but I felt like getting creative with the fourth wall breaks. lol

User Info: Sundercles

1 week ago#53
Main: Ike
MW: Sanger Zonvolt

Sanger was in Project X Zone.
Chrom and Lucina are in PXZ2.
Ike was in FE Awakening with Chrom and Lucina.
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User Info: kirbserker

1 week ago#54
This one's super easy;

Tabuu is in Smash universe
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User Info: Meta289

1 week ago#55
Zelda -> Monster Hunter: Monster Hunter has had several crossovers with Zelda.
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User Info: RayThrust

1 week ago#56
WFT to Lloyd Irving without Smash?

WFT is in Wii Fit.
WFT is a cameo costume in Super Mario Maker.
Link had a cameo in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
Link was playable in Soul Calibur.
Lloyd Irving was also playable in another Soul Calibur game.

User Info: estejor

1 week ago#57
Main is Banjo & Kazooie
They appeared in the X360 version of Sega All Star Racing
Ulala appeared on that one and in Project X Zone
Frank West is in PXZ and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
A hunter from Monster Hunter is on Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
Qurupeco is a monster from Monster Hunter

User Info: Worker8

1 week ago#58
Persona 5 and The World Ends With You both take place regarding alternative dimensions and the supernatural within Shibuya.

Aside from that:
Joker has a costume in Phantasy Star Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2 also has Zelda equipment in the Switch Port
There was also Zelda Equipment in Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter World also has Final Fantasy's Behemoth as a hunt.
Final Fantasy characters also appear in Kingdom Hearts
Neku and the TWEWY gang all show up in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

User Info: LilySodachi

1 week ago#59
Main: Rosalina & Luma
MW: Jill Valentine

Rosalina -> Mario -> Mario Maker -> Megaman -> MvC2 -> Jill

I dunno if there's a quicker way without using Smash.
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(edited 1 week ago)
Banjo-Kazooie and Yuri Lowell

Yuri is Project X Zone with multiple Sega characters who are also in Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing with B-K.

Even easier using Smash since there are Smash characters in PXZ
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  3. Try to connect the universes of your main to your most wanted
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