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  3. Try to connect the universes of your main to your most wanted

User Info: DuranmanX4

3 days ago#1
under the example if your main was Mario

if your most wanted was Bomberman; Mario to Wario via Super Mario Land 2, and Wario to Bomberman via Wario Blast

if your most wanted was Rayman; Mario to Rabbids via Mario + Rabbids, and Rabbids to Rayman via Rayman Raving Rabbids

if your most wanted was Geno or Waluigi, good luck, those are direct references to Mario

bonus points if you can do it without using Smash

luckily my main is Hero, who can connect to Mario & co. using Fortune Street, so all those connections work for me

for Ryu Hayabusa, it's a little bit trickier. He appears in Dead or Alive Dimensions, which features a cameo of Samus and Ridley. Samus appears in Kirby Dream Land 3, also as a cameo, and Kirby connects to Mario via Kirby Super Star, where Mario & Luigi are in the audience of Megaton Punch.

a more direct yet dubious connection I could make is Samus's spaceship appearing in DKC Tropical Freeze, and DK appears directly in Fortune Street
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User Info: Yosuke_Erdrick

3 days ago#2

Main is hero, going through fortune street to get a Mario connection.

Mario is an official Minecraft Skin

kaishin no ichigeki
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User Info: kirbyakaZ

3 days ago#3
Kirby was in Link's Awakening, therefore Kirby could be hiding somewhere in Termina.
My most wanted is Skull Kid.
Kirby Dance

User Info: Garp_fist

3 days ago#4
Travis Touchdown and Banjo & Kazooie

Travis Strikes Again has wearable shirts from multiple Zelda entries, Link appeared in DKC2 in Cranky’s Video Game Heroes, and Banjo made his first appearance in Diddy Kong Racing
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User Info: Jazzles

3 days ago#5
Link and Linkle!
Wam, Bam, Thank you Maam... Er DuranMan ^.^;
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User Info: Gigaraver

3 days ago#6
Metroid (enemy of Samus)
-> Super Mario RPG (Samus made a cameo)
-> Legend of Zelda (Link also makes a cameo in SMRPG)
-> Soul Calibur 2 (Link's a guest character)
-> Soul Calibur 6 (6th game in the the series)
-> Nier: Automata (2B is the main heroine in this game and a guest character in SC6)
-> Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (2B's a guest character, and so is...)
-> Kingdom Hearts (...Sora, who is my current most wanted!)
-> Sora

I did it! :D
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User Info: demon_cleaner

3 days ago#7
Might be a bit too easy with Banjo and Dixie.

I'm not familiar enough with crossovers, is it possible to connect Banjo and Doomguy?

User Info: KazooieKong

3 days ago#8
My main used to exist in the same universe as a certain first party mascot before Rare was bought by MicroSoft.

My most wanted challenged said mascot in commercial ads.

User Info: Bambam690-

3 days ago#9
Not taking the easy way out using Smash Bros.
Main Joker, Most Wanted Amaterasu.

> Joker, Persona 5
> Joker is in Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore as a costume
> Chrom from Tokyo Mirage Sessions (albeit in a different form) is in Fire Emblem Awakening.
> Chrom has a playable appearance in Project X Zone 2
> Ryu also has a playable appearance in Project X Zone 2
> Ryu and Amaterasu are both playable in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
> Amaterasu, Okami

User Info: TheMindGamer

3 days ago#10
Ridley -(Metroid)-> Samus -(Mario RPG)-> Link -(ALttP)->Ganon
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  3. Try to connect the universes of your main to your most wanted
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