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  3. I like how KOSMOS has died

User Info: AttackUp

2 weeks ago#1
Pretty much nobody thinks she has a chance now

Considering how niche of a pick she was compared to popular choiced like Crash, Sora, Ryu Hayabusa, Rayman....or even Geno was a better choice
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User Info: bengever

2 weeks ago#2
I still very much want to see her, but do I think she has much of a chance? Nah.

lol @ the few people who thought she'd be in Mario Kart Tour tho
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User Info: GoldenYuiitusin

2 weeks ago#3
AttackUp posted...
....or even Geno was a better choice

User Info: Garp_fist

2 weeks ago#4
I’d still be okay with her, but yeah it’s pretty doubtful she’ll get in.
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User Info: Yamato_san

2 weeks ago#5
Eh, I'm sure there's a lot of reasons as to why the discussions died down (we're just now winding down from the loooooong wait for Fighter 5's reveal which had several deconfirmations from leakers only to turn out to be Byleth, not as much pressure to get a favorite in since this isn't the last initially-planned DLC character and we have 6 more on the way, etc.), but I wouldn't say her chances are significantly worse than they were during F5 speculation. She DOES still have quite a bit going in her favor (most notably her significance to Monolith as well as Bamco's suspicious lack of reps..... Vergeben's source seemed oddly stuck on deconfirming her, too), so I wouldn't put her down until either the final DLC character is confirmed, or she gets the Mii costume treatment. MAYBE if Rex gets in, that could shoot down her odds since Monolith would have their second rep, or third if we wanna count BOTW Link (at any rate, the KOS-MOS speculation only lead to me learning how significant Monolith really is to Nintendo, so them getting another rep of some sort should hardly be unprecedented).

User Info: Eyebrawlerz

2 weeks ago#6
Indeed, I remember back when people that she was a lock https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/78248060.

Lol, good times, last 2 pages of posts were golden
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User Info: retrojake480

2 weeks ago#7
Just goes to show how mindhive people can get.

User Info: LittleShani

2 weeks ago#8
As she should.
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User Info: legowallin

1 week ago#9
I mean yeah, she only worked because Llyod was disconfirmed. Still, she would have been cool, but suppose her time is over.
Imagine if I made an accurate Smash prediction

User Info: HyperKirby7

1 week ago#10
LittleShani posted...
As she should.

Every time I read something like this, I imagine it being said by a small man in a ruffled blouse and powdered wig.
The humor makes it seem a bit less unbearable.
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