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  3. Do you believe Assists and Spirits deconfirm?

User Info: Ouma

6 days ago#101
ThunderNinja96 posted...
Banjo is the Microsoft rep and Nintendo doesn’t care about Tomb Raider. Try again.

Just like how Mega Man was the Capcom rep for 4?
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User Info: chriee

6 days ago#102
Fan made rule while currently accurate doesn't mean s***. Nintendo has the say in the end, per Sakurai himself.
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User Info: kirbserker

6 days ago#103
Ouma posted...
This alone, along with every single other time, should be the end of it right there, idk why you are still trying to entertain that it could happen.

Thanks for the link. The reason I specified Nintendo even at first is because Sakurai himself said that Nintendo can make decisions above him (such as who gets in and the number of FE reps). I'll take this as bond for Ultimate and 6, but past that is too far in the future.

paperwarior posted...
Fair enough, but they overdo it and treat it like politics.

Well, like politics, it's their religion.
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User Info: Meta289

6 days ago#104
Assists: Absolutely. The entire point of ATs is to get more characters in on the action that might not entirely be suited for playable characters.

Spirits: Maybe, leaning towards yes. From the base game to the end of the first DLC wave, Spirits not being playable characters has been a constant.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

6 days ago#105

Well, more 100% for Assist Trophies (Otherwise they wouldn't have been assist trophies. That's like the point in them). 99% for spirits (100% for Spirits not in the base game, 99% for base game spirits).

User Info: the_NGW

6 days ago#106
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Yeah, Assist Trophy promotions don't have a chance, and Spirits outside of the base game don't have a chance in pass 2 either.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

6 days ago#108
The only Spirit that has a remote chance of being DLC is Rex due to Sakurai's statement.

User Info: Vegeta1000

6 days ago#109
grantholomew posted...
Show where they clearly stated this.

I don't have to show anything. It's based on common sense.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

6 days ago#110
Vegeta1000 posted...
I don't have to show anything. It's based on common sense.
This. Assist trophies exist for a reason.

They won't ever be playable... Till next game before people say Little Mac and Isabelle. They shouldn't be a f***ing rebuttel. They were never made into Fighters in the same game.
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