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  3. Do you believe Assists and Spirits deconfirm?

User Info: Perkolator

1 week ago#11
The first Fighter's Pass was decided before the game even came out. No way in hell would they add a character in that Fighter's Pass that was already decided as a base game spirit.

Fighter's pass 2 is the only instance where I think it "could" happen, but I think this pass was decided well in advance as well.

AT are a hard deconfirm for the same game, but upgrading to a playable for the next game is completely plausible and is how some characters are playable now.

User Info: Tom Clark

Tom Clark
1 week ago#12
I don't think that (base game) spirits deconfirm as such, but I think that comes with a caveat that it depends how many other characters from the franchise are also spirits, for one reason. DLC Spirit Boards.

For example, I wouldn't say that being a spirit would prevent Rayman from being DLC, as his entire supporting cast (I believe) are still un-spirited and available for the DLC board.

I'd also give leeway to franchises with recent entries: for example I wouldn't say King Boo or E Gadd are deconfirmed because although most of the core Luigi's Mansion characters are spirits, LM3 is unrepped, so the board could have Hellen etc. (I'd say the spirit event for Sw/Sh doesn't deconfirm either because of how few of the new Pokes were in it)

But as much as he's one of my most wanteds, I'd probably rule out Paper Mario because most if not all significant Mario RPG characters are already spirits and there hasn't been a new entry to top up the possible inclusions for the spirit board.

And it goes without saying that I don't think spirits added after FP2 was decided would be DLC characters.

User Info: Metagross15

1 week ago#13
I personally don’t think base game spirits disconfirm.

User Info: Metagross15

1 week ago#14
Perkolator posted...
I think this pass was decided well in advance as well.
Sakurai pretty much said that they originally didn’t planned to do a second fighter pass, so this probably isn’t the case.

User Info: grantholomew

1 week ago#15
Crash4Smash posted...
People who think base game Spirits don't deconfirm are hilarious. Can you please point to one DLC fighter who was a spirit and got upgraded? Just one. I'm willing to hear our your "theory" if there's any evidence for it lol
This is the kind of stupid logic that I hate. Obviously none of the DLC so far has been a Spirit because FP1 was planned before the game launched.

If you thought someone from FP1 could be a Spirit then yeah you’d be wrong but most people who think Spirits have a chance figured it’d be post-FP1.
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KoopaDerp848 posted...
Yes until proven otherwise

User Info: Exodecai

1 week ago#17
I do think it's a possibility that an assist or spirit may get promoted in this round of DLC... but I would definitely not bet money on it.

So I would say most likely yes but not a guaranteed yes. I also believe if any of the assists/spirits got promoted it'll be Waluigi just because his name is still consistently mentioned of all the Assist/Spirit characters. It also helps he actually got commented on by Nintendo.
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User Info: scott3439

1 week ago#18
ATs, definitely
Spirits...we have a small sample size on this but I'm leaning toward they disconfirm as well. But that's not to say I don't think it's possible they can rename an existing spirit to make that character playable.
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I don't believe that they necessarily disconfirm, but I believe that none of the DLC characters picked will be spirits/assists beforehand.

User Info: Rethalwolf

1 week ago#20
The only assist I think has a chance is Waluigi, and that's because of the backlash for his lack of inclusion. I don't think he would be particularly well-received, though.

As for Spirits, obviously spirits that were added after FP2 was decided deconfirm for FP2. We have no idea when it was decided, but we can probably say that just about all new spirits after release are deconfirmed.
Base game spirits are a different story. We know Nintendo essentially gave Sakurai a list of characters (probably an ordered list from most to least important to them to be added if possible, rather than a "pick any of these you want" list). We have no idea if they took base game spirits into account for this list. We can probably assume that the list contained at least 11 characters, probably more - so FP2 is probably based on the same list. So, if they took base game spirits into account, then base game spirits deconfirm for FP2. However, if they didn't take base game spirits into account when making the list - or the list was revised or added onto since its initial creation - then base game spirits do not deconfirm for FP2.

And before anyone throws out the logical fallacy "show me a time this happened to prove it can happen", just because something hasn't happened doesn't mean it can't. Thinking that's the case is pure idiocy.

I personally don't think they took base game spirits into account in the first place as there's no reason for the higher ups to reject characters because they have a picture, name, and makeshift battle in the game. But, I think that if a spirit was initially planned for any of the FP1 choices, it would have been removed by the time the game was released (assuming they had time to remove it after FP1 was decided but before the game went gold). Regardless, I would say that no base game spirit definitively deconfirms for FP2 and beyond, just like no FP1 spirit definitively deconfirms for FP3 and beyond, as the characters included in each Fighter Pass were decided after the spirits were added and there's no technical reason for a spirit to deconfirm (Akira Howard, for example, could just be converted to a Fighter Spirit - the spirit battle would be removed, but spirit count wouldn't change).

However, despite the lack of definitive deconfirmation, that is by no means saying that any spirit absolutely will be included in FP2 - just that their chances for inclusion aren't hurt by being a base game spirit. Competition for a slot is still obviously extremely high.

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