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User Info: McLahey

2 weeks ago#21
DuranmanX4 posted...
After the deaths of Fatal Frame and Silent Hill, survival horror as a genre has gone by the wayside, even RE was nearly gone after RE6
Hey man, there's still hope :(

Unless you mean you considered it dead with Fatal Frame V, which is fair

But yes, I will forever be crying over the fate of the survival horror genre. We've only had, like, 5 good games since the early 2000's.
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User Info: stinkycat

2 weeks ago#22
DuranmanX4 posted...
Is there terrible English VA to go along with it?
Yeah Jim Carrey impression and all
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User Info: PacificFun

2 weeks ago#23
Quality Education games.

So Carmen Sandiego
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User Info: _JuicytigeR_

2 weeks ago#24
PlasmaCannon posted...
How about Chell from Portal to represent times when games didn't need funny cutscenes in order to tell a story? Portal 2 was a brilliant game imo.

I still stand by the opinion that Phantasy Star 1 was way ahead of it's time.
Sure, if it had a map. >.>

Anyways, I don't agree with Phantasy Star 1 because when it comes to those type of games, there Etrian Odyssey, which has a cult following, and SMT Strange Journey, which had a remake for the 3DS not long ago (and it also has a cult following. One of my most favorite SMT games of all times).

User Info: LawnNinja

2 weeks ago#25
Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal - Vehicular Combat

Jehuty from Zone of the Enders - Anime Mecha Shooter

Haggar from Final Fight - Arcade Beat Em Up

Yellow Wizard from Gauntlet Legends - Arcade Dungeon Co-Op

I think old school point-and-click adventure/puzzle games deserve a nod, but the only ones I really played were Myst and Riven, and they don't really have any characters that could translate to Smash.

It'd also be cool to somehow make a character based on pinball tables, but I'd be hard pressed to think of how that could be done well.
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User Info: RoadRollerGuy

2 weeks ago#26
Doomguy for representing blood and gore.
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User Info: HackedDragonite

2 weeks ago#27
Manny Calavera to represent point-and-click adventure games.
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User Info: Lyncario

2 weeks ago#29
Reimu for smhups. They were popular in the 90s, but if you ask about smhups, then the 2 answers you can half expect will be Touhou and Ikaruga. Maybe Seihou and Len'en if there's an hardcore Touhou fan.
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User Info: Izzy0585

2 weeks ago#30
Zool to represent the era of games where you couldn't move on to the next screen until you collected a certain amount of collectibles or defeated a boss.

Oh, is that the same as Banjo? Then we'll just call him a product of the Amiga era, or games that you gave you the experience of a "game trip" without actually being under the influence yourself (try the Genesis game, he runs faster than Sonic, but in the SNES version it's like he's on Oxycontin.)

Toejam & Earl would work for the random Rogue-like level/floor generation, which one of the games that I recall that has done that recently... was the new Toejam & Earl that came out last year. So yeah, it's a largely untapped game resource these days.

And of course Klaymen from The Neverhood for the forgone era of the point-and-click adventure trope, but they have a better opportunity of constructing a moveset from Skullmonkeys.
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