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User Info: Lord_Mudkip

1 week ago#111
plant is better than joker but it close
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User Info: Toadkart

1 week ago#112
Shoenin posted...
Joker is unfun to play, unfun to play against, and gave more fuel to the s***ty fandom that is Persona's fanbase.

User Info: fireemblemomega

1 week ago#113
Toadkart posted...
But it could have, so you would have been fine with Marth and Ike being cut after Brawl since they would have now been from a dead franchise? And let's keep in mind that Pit was from a dead franchise as well that got revived. Same can happen with Banjo. He's still fairly relevant anyway, getting merchandise and being on Rare replay, not to mention being a very popular request for Smash. Far from a "waste of space". God forbid us fans from the N64 era who grew up with the Smash series and were there from the start get thrown a bone every now and then.

Oh man I was there too and BK was driven into the ground. What made it magic was lost. They ran out of chances, IS threw it all at Awakening (and New Mystery helped) and won. Guess what nobody cares about your feelings dude.
I still can't care. Like, I suppose I could try, but like FE Echoes' writing, that would take effort.

User Info: Vatista

1 week ago#114
banjo gave me extreme boredom when i tried using him
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User Info: DuranmanX4

1 week ago#115
Acended posted...
Do you not remember all the salt over Hero and Terry?
I was being sarcastic
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