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  3. least favorite DLC character?

User Info: DylanYoshi

1 week ago#11
Hero. While I'm not into Dragon Quest, I do at least respect it for its massive impact in gaming history. But Hero is completely unfun. He's not fun to fight against, and he's not fun to play as. I don't even think he's broken, but rng and ridiculous projectiles completely ruin the character because it makes the game not about reading your opponent but instead reacting to whatever random thing pops up for them.

User Info: Daschoundred

1 week ago#12
Plant > Byleth > Hero > Joker > Terry = Banjo. At least for me
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User Info: RollerBob

1 week ago#13
Piranha Plant

Most of its special moves require charging... Kinda annoying in a fast game...
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User Info: Blackink

1 week ago#14
The ones who picked Byleth hadn’t even played them.

User Info: DuranmanX4

1 week ago#15
Blackink posted...
The ones who picked Byleth hadn’t even played them.
I played every character in the game

I don't like slow characters
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User Info: Lyncario

1 week ago#16
Blackink posted...
The ones who picked Byleth hadn’t even played them.
I picked Byleth because I like everyone else more, so it's a default choice for me more than anything else.
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User Info: kirby7374

1 week ago#17
Either Hero or Joker

User Info: Expa0

1 week ago#18
Byleth. I don't find him all that fun to play, his stage is one of the lamest yet in the list of lameass DLC stages. I also don't find the character itself very interesting nor do I like his game.
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

1 week ago#19
P. Plant, and not even close.

For the FP, while I like the character of Joker and P5 in general, I loathe his playstyle and how some of his animations look like plus I really don't like Mementos all that much. Persona 5 has way more interesting stages like the Casino (I know mentioning the last two is kind of a nitpick, but eh. Everything counts).
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User Info: Ku-Ri-Boh

1 week ago#20
Banjo obviously

The majority doesnt know him and his playstyle doesnt help him be known
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