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  3. Man, Byleth feels like a mess of a character

User Info: CrazedCavalier

2 weeks ago#11
CrimsonSmasher posted...
And yes I do things besides crap on Smash, lol
Like get featured on scrubquotes.
"Something deep inside, keeping me alive/Fusing into the unknown, losing my own control"
--Dark Hero

User Info: Retroxgamer0

2 weeks ago#12
this is dumb. axes dont compliment swords. i bet you never even played fire emblem lol

User Info: CrimsonSmasher

2 weeks ago#13
Milla_Maxwell posted...
You haven't though. This is just one of those things you fool yourself into believing regardless of accuracy.

It's like any time you attempt to argue, despite being amazingly ignorant about many things. You've become a rather infamous meme because of it, not just on Smash, but on many boards you spend your time on.

Like crap on other popular things for attention. Woo!

Which characters have I been wrong about? People don’t like me sure but that’s not what makes an infamous meme. Did I piss you off at BotW’s launch or something?

I don’t crap on games because they’re popular, I crap on them because they’re bad.

Hello891011 posted...
How does Isabelle feel “clunky and aimless?”

Take Villager, take away a ton of their good tools and some base attributes, give fishing poll. That’s Isabelle. A weak nothing of a character.

CrazedCavalier posted...
Like get featured on scrubquotes.

A big name in the speedrunning community got on Scrubquotes for the same take the other day. Apparently you gotta give in to the hivemind and say that special motions are 100% necessary and good for Fighting games when they’re not lmao.
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  3. Man, Byleth feels like a mess of a character
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