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User Info: Squiddo_Kiddo

4 weeks ago#11
Hyped af

The best song even got in

Squidiot has arrived!...again!
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User Info: Pirate_Arrows

4 weeks ago#12
Somewhere between "Horribly Surprised" and "Hatred! HATRED!" leaning more towards the latter.
I would have been find with nearly anything... But adding yet another FE stain to this beautiful roster is unbelievable.

User Info: Geminosity

4 weeks ago#13
First DLC from the first season I'm buying so overall it's more positive an addition for me than the ones before it, but it being male Byleth default sours it a bit for me.
I already have to put up with female Corrin being stuck as an alt to male Corrin and therefore brushed under the rug in most art and marketing outside of the difficulty mural for classic, but I don't think female Byleth will get even that. Heck, there's not even a guarantee she'll get an amiibo, for all we know the alt amiibos were a one-time thing for smash 4 dlc :/

At the back of my mind I also keep thinking this moveset would've worked just as well for Monster Hunter or, even if we just stuck to Fire Emblem, Anna (she's used every weapon type in byleth's moveset during her extensive history with the series) but ah well. Also would've been more hype for Edelgard, but again... I'll take what I can get :P

User Info: XavierStronome

4 weeks ago#14
f*** that worthless piece of trash character. I hope the backlash ends the dlc

Haha, stay mad bro.

But adding yet another FE stain to this beautiful roster is unbelievable

Wow. Such an entitled purist.

Note to all the salty kids: it's optional dlc. If you bought the fighters pass expecting 5 smash hits, that's your fault.

User Info: FishstickWizard

4 weeks ago#15
i am living in the salt lmao

people acting like they're the victims when they knew the risks of blindly purchasing a product they knew nothing about, even wanting a refund....

stay mad kids, it makes the reveal all the more satisfying
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User Info: Blezcuea

4 weeks ago#16
okay it's been...almost a day...

Have any opinions change? has everyone got it all out of their system? Have the 18 Incarnations of Absolute RAGE burned out like soo many of the stars in the night sky?

Like...C'mon SmashFAQs I am actually concerned about you...More so than when the VGAs happened....Are you all okay now?
Eff You it's the first January of the Decade!!
There are times I am Thankful for my lack of Notoriety

User Info: Heart-ThROB

4 weeks ago#17
I'm mostly OK. I have a collapsed lung from laughing at all the ass-blasted Byleth haters, but the rest of me is in excellent condition.
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User Info: IceHammer

4 weeks ago#18
Very hyped. Watching the salt induced gives me great joy!
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User Info: Blezcuea

4 weeks ago#19
okay so now we have 19 Incarnations of RAGE...
Eff You it's the first January of the Decade!!
There are times I am Thankful for my lack of Notoriety
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