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  3. Do you prefer female waifu anime characters or male western dudebro characters?

User Info: Red_Rosemon

1 week ago#21
Waifu characters to use, Dudebro characters for eye candy.
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User Info: Kohlrak

1 week ago#22
TriforceBun posted...
A preteen like Arle is a "waifu" now? What the heck is this topic?

Regardless, I tend to prefer Japanese characters in Smash to Western icons (male or female, either way) so I voted the top.

Ad hominem by proxy, essentially. The fact most of the board was straight up happy with waifus and catgirl waifus if it meant their most wanted got in, i think it has less to do with what actually appears in smash, so much as what they perceive as a threat to their most wanted getting in.
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User Info: Blackink

1 week ago#23
Dammit, the waifus win.

User Info: ArmedDragoon

1 week ago#24
Jedimess posted...
But... "AYAYA" Can refer to big muscular dudebros too!
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User Info: DuranmanX4

1 week ago#25
Pokos posted...
I prefer the handsome, pretty boy male anime characters like Shulk and Link.
I prefer gritty rough and tough western female characters
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User Info: DynoStretch

1 week ago#26
Look, I'm just going to say that I'll take the hot anime girls with superpowers and energy swords over the 90s action comic style braindead bricks of meat with stupid-looking guns and grunting ogre voices any day.
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User Info: perfectchaos83

1 week ago#27
Girls and Bishis > Western Characters.
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User Info: Dongulous

1 week ago#28
i like badass suits of armour
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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

1 week ago#29
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User Info: Ice_Dragon14

1 week ago#30
Chaos-15 posted...
Look. I just prefer female character designs over male ones.
This. If it's a character I'm not to aware of, the least it can do is set off by d'aww sensors
DL units: https://imgur.com/dWIAlsp
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  3. Do you prefer female waifu anime characters or male western dudebro characters?
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