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User Info: DKU_Arich

1 week ago#11
^ love you <3
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User Info: KoltPenny

1 week ago#12
DKU_Arich posted...

OH MY GOD, it was Geno the whole time!

If it is I'll remember your name for the rest of my life for calling it first.

User Info: Izzy0585

1 week ago#13
After almost twenty-five years we'll finally know what Mario found in Peach's bedroom.
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User Info: Blackink

1 week ago#14
If it’s Geno, I’ll be beyond mad because of the already ridiculous Mario representation.

User Info: DrunkCellist

1 week ago#15
umm acktually his name is horatio. it's canon cause it's in my save file.
i'm senok.
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