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User Info: Birdbrain

1 week ago#31
Phoenix Wright
Author of the CYOA: Waluigi's Pirate Quest and a CYOA enthusiasts. Ping/DM me if you want me to check out a CYOA as I may track it.

User Info: OmegaXXII

1 week ago#32
Heihachi but I want Crash Bandicoot.

User Info: Triforceformer

1 week ago#33
TC is trying way too hard. You have to be more subtle with your initial trolling effort, then let it escalate. Look at what saLUEtes does and copy him. - arleas

User Info: XadePsyconic

1 week ago#34
A Capcom rep, likely Dante.

User Info: Untouch

1 week ago#35

User Info: SRPGinvestigato

1 week ago#36
SamuelTilden posted...
My guesses:

Laura from Fitness Boxing (NS): Standout character from a new Nintendo franchise. There is precedent with Wii Fit Trainer.

Bubsy from Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (SNES): Beloved mascot with plenty of attitude and personality. Could also incorporate elements from Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective.

John Cena from WWE Day of Reckoning 2 (GC): A beloved fighter from the last truly great wrestling title on a Nintendo console.
Hoiy crap! Man I gotta redo the poll now!

User Info: TMOG

1 week ago#37
I still really want it to be Phoenix Wright.

User Info: CGB_Spender

1 week ago#38
___g______ from ____e___
"Keep Dreamin'"

User Info: RandomEncounter

1 week ago#39
I hope it's Jibanyan!

User Info: alexybubble

1 week ago#40
Crash Bandicoot.
Bring back the Super Gameboy!
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