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  3. reminder that tomorrow i will be deactivating

User Info: Knuxdontchuckle

1 week ago#1
a few months ago i made an account bet that when goose, the beloved patriotic flyer from the popular hit series pilotwings is revealed as a fighters pass character that i would deactivate my account. well, it looks like this is the end and that goose will be revealed tomorrow. while i am excited about this happening, i will miss you guys. it’s been a blast but sometimes you gotta blast yourself and make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of humanity, much like how goku sacrificed himself against cell who was going to blow up earth. if my deactivation means goose gets in then it was worth it in the end. it’s been a fun ride, but all rides come to an end, and you aren’t ever going to have a ride like you did on space mountain. may the master emerald always bring you good fortune.

long live the knuckles gang
i'm the fighting freak knuckles. tough as nails. unlike sonic i don't chuckle.

User Info: Jazzles

1 week ago#2
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! T.T
A true legend among men.

I curse my Stars with Bitter Grief and Woe, They made my Love so high and me so low.

User Info: konpakubeef

1 week ago#3
knux please don't go
without you i will lose my ability to chuckle
smash bros is a conspiracy by the government to create virgins and reduce birth rates

User Info: UnrealityMod

1 week ago#4
You'll be back.

User Info: ZozmaSage

1 week ago#5
long live the knuckles gang

User Info: TheLastSmile

1 week ago#6
Hurry up.
Yes it's me.
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User Info: VeridisQuo

1 week ago#7
I promise to keep the spirit of The Knuckles Gang alive in your absense. You were a legend. At least the Patriotic Flyer will soar into Smash for this.
"It's never been worse!"
"That's not true..."

User Info: Red_Rosemon

1 week ago#8
I will not chuckle a single time at a joke in your honor.
Red Rosemon: You are missing out on the best boobs in town right now.

User Info: Tom Clark

Tom Clark
1 week ago#9
I don't think we'll fully be able to enjoy Goose if we lose you at the same time.

I give you permission to welch.

User Info: Colette-Brunel

1 week ago#10
But...But what if Fighter Pass 5 is Knuckles? The three fingers Sakurai is making is clearly a reference to Sonic 3, the game Knuckles first appears in! You can't just leave if it's Knuckles!
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