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User Info: Chaos_Echo

1 week ago#11
I mean Corrin's a demigod, and the dragon-god in question is pretty damn eldritch, so it makes sense her abilities would be too.
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User Info: Light_Dragon

1 week ago#12
WibbleWobbleWok posted...
Dragons have been in the games since the first game, Corrin just looks different

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User Info: Jazzles

1 week ago#13
The dating is optional if that's all you can focus on that's on you.
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User Info: PLD_Hawk18

1 week ago#14
Corrin is basically the child of Marth and Tiki. Half human, half dragon god.
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User Info: Crashmander

1 week ago#15
Jazzles posted...
The dating is optional if that's all you can focus on that's on you.
Not even optional, it is simply not a thing in the game, there is like a last minute decision where the main character can get married and that's it. Nothing about having a relationship because it is far from the focus of the game.
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User Info: gameboyblue

1 week ago#16
Corrin was a risk that failed. Using a very unorthodox Lord from an unreleased game. I don't mind Corrin in a vacuum, but that FE logo muddies the brand. If anybody does like Corrin as a character I hope it gets the Yoshi treatment and branches of in Space Horror side stories, because it is a taint to the brand.
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User Info: crazybenjamin

1 week ago#17
Why space horror?

User Info: chaosvalentine

1 week ago#18
Corrin was an advertisement

User Info: PKSaltstorm

1 week ago#19
Corrin is the main protag of all 3 Fates games.

his dragon form looks different from the ones we’ve seen already because he’s am astral dragon, not a divine dragon
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User Info: Red_Rosemon

1 week ago#20
Half man/Half charizard.

Corrin is basically a way less cool Trogdor.
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