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1 week ago#52
Gargomon357 posted...
“More off-topic crap topics. This is trolling because I can’t understand Japanese. Reported.”

You must've been in that thread, then. XD

Jazzles posted...
XD yes.
If you could add a non-video game character to the roster who would it be?

Sure would be alot of viable candidates. Could you imagine the Nazarene? Make some other famous faces alt outfits, as long as we don't include mohamed, 'cause they'd hate Japan for that. What about Santa? Think how amazing santa would be in smash, despite being cringey. Think, too, there's alot of famous video game characters that actually existed, and would not be allowed 'cause they're real people, like 織田信長. 天照 from the game 大神 (ookami) is not a valid character 'cause s/he (female spirit in male wolf) is an actual Japanese goddess. And what about Lee Jun Fan, Dan Inosanto, or Chuck Norris? I could go on for days and not know who would be best to add. Even a Gray would be entertaining.
To hell with taking seriously this fascist site. I'll go to where the moderation either isn't arbitrary or doesn't exist, preferably the latter.
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