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  3. sakurai works very hard

User Info: BaconNEggs

3 weeks ago#1
and you are all extremely ungrateful
world's best ever gamefaqs poster

User Info: UnholyColostomy

3 weeks ago#2
Nah, not gonna just accept that nuclear disaster that is the online mode alongside them cutting a whole lot of single player content

Tho in Sakurai's defense, it isn't exclusively his fault.

User Info: Eyebrawlerz

3 weeks ago#3
nOo i nEeD mUh kId iCaRuS sWiTcH sEqUeL!
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User Info: Frosted_Midna

3 weeks ago#4
It's more than good, it's alive!
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User Info: headcannon

3 weeks ago#5
Shill harder.

User Info: DeZApurified

3 weeks ago#6
Sakurai is my favourite director and i appreciate him so much but i have to say no one is above criticism.

You know those games you play that you dont like and have talked trash about?

People have sacrificed a lot their time and personal lives to work as hard as possible to create that game. Does that stop them from recieving criticism? No.

As long as its constructive and you dont come across as an ass, its fine.

User Info: GoldenSunRM

3 weeks ago#7
Most of the people of this world works very hard.

You should stop defending Sakurai. When he works on Smash he's doing what he's being paid for. Just like every other human in this planet.
With that said, I AM grateful to him for how much love and passion he put in the series.

User Info: Yosuke_Erdrick

3 weeks ago#8
He isn't above Critism but you got to give him respect for the passion he puts in making the series. The man half kills himself to make these games.
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User Info: SparkyForce

3 weeks ago#9
Sakurai rocks.

I don't think anyone is above constructive criticism though, such as complaining about Online.

But so many people complain about him for arbitrary reasons, such as the lack of their favorite probably niche character.
It's really annoying.
I main Captain Falcon in SSBU.
R.I.P. Resident Evil fighter.

User Info: AceMos

3 weeks ago#10
he works to hard is part of the problem he is so hands on about things it limits creativity of the over all product

if he would loosen the reigns a bit the staff could get more done we could have for example had more single player content if he did not insist on personally testing every little thing despite his injury
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