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  3. Would you prefer a Pokémon Sw/Sh or Fire Emblem: Three Houses fighter?

User Info: Zanza2090

2 days ago#31
That's a tough one! My thinking is the same as many here it seems, that Pokemon has more potential for an interesting/unique character, but I am personally a bigger fan of 3H. I do feel like Byleth would unfortunately be too similar to the other FE characters. I'd be down with any of the three lords getting in, but it's hard to imagine they would do that.

User Info: Stun427

2 days ago#32
I'd prefer the one that doesn't being in generic swordsman #8.
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User Info: Expa0

2 days ago#33
PK_Water posted...
Expa0 posted...
Not to mention I'd prefer for that game to not get any more attention since it's another pretty bad entry in the series overall.

That is one spicy take! I'm genuinely interested in why you think that.

-Slowed down gameplay pacing compared to every other entry in the series with the possible expection of FE4, this one is particularly bad since the relatively quick pace for the genre has always been one of FEs strongest points. (I'm referring to the Monastery stuff, all the extra menuing that comes with the class system and whatnot, even the load times are slow, basically way too much time is spent not playing)
-A tiny roster of units doesn't lend itself well to the permadeath mechanic whatsoever.
-Almost everyone being a trainee and available at the start kills unit inviduality.
-The class system is terribly unbalanced
-Paralogue map rewards are broken
-Generally lackluster map design
-Way too easy (Unless you pick Maddening which in turn turns the game into a total slog)

Basically my problem is that it feels like the game goes out of it's way to change itself to be some poor man's FF Tactics instead of focusing on what made FE great to begin with.
"Cower before the might of the magic Imhullu: once forbidden, now unleashed!"
-Gharnef (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon)
(edited 2 days ago)

User Info: PK_Water

2 days ago#34
Stun427 posted...
I'd prefer the one that doesn't being in generic swordsman #8.

I agree, that legendary dog would be so bad. Glad we can agree Dimitri is much better.
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User Info: soliantu

2 days ago#35
One is a game from a series I've never played and have little interest in, and the other is nothing short of an absolute disgrace to my favourite game series.

Gotta go with Three Houses all the way, here.
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User Info: GrooseKirby

2 days ago#36
I hate most of the new gen 8 mons, but at least they aren't guaranteed to wield a sword.
Imagine thinking Steve has no move set potential while supporting literally who the Mii Gunner alt skin or another JRPG swordsman.

User Info: startmario

2 days ago#37
Dimitri, Edelgard and Claude >>>>> Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon by a mile

User Info: dailo

2 days ago#38
reiko sawamura posted...
Only if it's Hop, and only if he replaces the sandbag in home run contest.

Gen 6
Honestly, I would rather them say f*** it and have no more reps if those are the choices
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User Info: Matarratas

2 days ago#40
TohruAdachi260 posted...
Zorume posted...
Lord__Xander posted...
Three houses since the game is actually good
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