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  3. Would you prefer a Pokémon Sw/Sh or Fire Emblem: Three Houses fighter?

User Info: PK_Water

6 days ago#1
Poll option 3: Join the battle in Smash - Results (306 votes)
I'd prefer a Pokémon Sword/Shield fighter
40.52% (124 votes)
I'd prefer a Fire Emblem: Three Houses fighter
59.48% (182 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Both series are arguably overrepresented, got a new fighter in this game, and have a Switch release with a cast of characters able to join the battle. In theory, at least. Which option would you prefer, and why?
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User Info: Lord__Xander

6 days ago#2
Three houses since the game is actually good

User Info: Crohnos

6 days ago#3
Sword/Shield. I actually like a lot of the new designs, and I feel like they’d be more unique than a new Fire Emblem character.

Then again, they’d probably choose from the starters’ final forms, which all kind of sucked to me compared to other designs of the generation, including the previous ones in their evolutionary lines.

Lord__Xander posted...
Three houses since the game is actually good
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User Info: SparkyForce

6 days ago#4
I'd definitely prefer a Pokemon character over a FE one.

Smash4 poisoned any positivity an FE character would have for me. Chrom is acceptable, barely.
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User Info: wariude

6 days ago#5
I feel like Pokémon could be potentially more fun fighters, even though I vastly prefer 3H as a game.
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User Info: ObeseCity

6 days ago#6
Three Houses characters don’t look like they were designed by children.

And the people who created them aren’t compulsive liars.
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User Info: startmario

6 days ago#7
Three Houses fighter.

At least said Fighter would represent an actual good game instead of a lazy cash grab.

Plus, as the guy above me said, they look cooler than Sw/Sh Pokemon.

User Info: Lord__Xander

6 days ago#8
Crohnos posted...
Don’t cut yourself on that edge
Not trying to be edgey. Pokemon Sword and Shield did do somethings right such as the wild area. However the lackluster graphics, poor balancing, blandness of towns and linearity resulted in games that felt incredibly dull to play

User Info: Lyncario

6 days ago#9
Either would be fine for me. The 4 different possible 3H reps could all bring something new ti Smash(Byleth more than the others), while Pokemons are all generaly unique and fun, though I'm generaly better with FE characters than with Pokemons in Smash, so I'm slightly more in favor of a 3H rep.
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User Info: PikachuMaxwell

6 days ago#10
Pokemon, always. Let's go Rillaboom, Cinderace, or Intelleon!
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