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  3. you pick character 5 for the pass. there's only one catch

User Info: bigpoppapat

1 week ago#1
the character has to be from your main's franchise.

who do you pick?

if you main like g&w or wft or any other series with no other characters, you can use your best secondary character.

User Info: Cameron1058

1 week ago#2
Bomberman will always be my most wanted! He may be dead now, but soon he'll rise from Assist Trophy hell and become playable!

User Info: P1GM4N

1 week ago#3
King Boo.

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User Info: LilySodachi

1 week ago#4
P1GM4N posted...
King Boo.
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User Info: TalesofLizalfos

1 week ago#5
If I main Joker, can I pick an SMT character or is Persona considered a seperate series for the purpose of this thread?

If it has to be from Persona, then I choose Maya Amano from Persona 2.

If it can be from SMT, then it'll be Serph from Digital Devil Saga.
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User Info: AndyMacG09

1 week ago#6
Okay then
Skull Kid
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

1 week ago#7

Porky doesn't rep MOTHER 1 and his addition would mean SmashBurb has to close their account I don't want that to happen.
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User Info: the_crow13

1 week ago#8
AndyMacG09 posted...
Okay then
Skull Kid

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User Info: joecorp

1 week ago#10
Waiting for: Metroid Prime 4
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  3. you pick character 5 for the pass. there's only one catch
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