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User Info: TalesofLizalfos

1 week ago#1
How do you actually feel about me?

I've been here for over a year now, and am wondering what you people actually think of me. If you hate me, please do tell me your reason. I've done enough over the course of my time here to sweeten and sour relationships, may as well see to what extent.
"Let's use our swords to shut him up!" - Matthew, Langrisser Mobile.
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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

1 week ago#2
I vaguely recall you (think it was you) being a snob in one of the Monster Hunter boards

User Info: Gametronics

1 week ago#3
No idea who you are.

Seems someone has delusions of greatness.

User Info: BaconNEggs

1 week ago#4
imagine caring enough about your popularity on a gamefaqs message board (smashfaqs, nonetheless) to make a whole topic about it

do yourself a favour and close this thread, it's kind of embarrassing
world's best ever gamefaqs poster

User Info: Slime

1 week ago#5
I don't have a problem with you as a person even though I find you to be disagreeable most of the time
A Slime draws near! Command?

User Info: VeridisQuo

1 week ago#6
You're a cool dude.
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User Info: BasedZamasu

1 week ago#7
You're pretty cool, I think.
"I'll be in the car, dudes." - Smithers

User Info: Mareen

1 week ago#8
I hate you just for making this thread.
Awz od fiis

User Info: FMT_Player

1 week ago#9
I don’t know much about you but a lot of people say you’re pretty cool so it’d be nice to know you better
Lover of fish, zombies, and Crash Bandicoot for Smash Bros :3

User Info: Ravio-of-Lorule

1 week ago#10
You're overall pretty chill but you can come off as a bit snobbish from time to time when talking about people's taste in video games. I also think your attraction to mostly lizardfolk is a bit weird but not a huge deal. At least you're not really toxic which is always nice.
Official Ravio of the Smash Bros. Ultimate Message Board
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