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User Info: Tom Clark

Tom Clark
3 weeks ago#21
Joker to an extent.

When they showed him I knew he was the Persona dude. But had I only heard the name and not seen the picture I wouldn't have known who it was tbh.

User Info: DKkrew

3 weeks ago#22
The only person i never hear about was Joker

User Info: TohruAdachi260

3 weeks ago#23
The only characters I wouldn't have been able to recognize were Hero, Richter, and Simon. The only Castlevania game I've played is Order of Ecclesia, so while I knew the Belmonts were a thing, and that they had a special whip and one of them was named Simon, that's about all I knew. Though I probably would have guessed Castlevania based on their movesets alone.

As for Hero, I knew Dragon Quest was a thing, and I knew what the Slime looked like, and I assumed the series probably had a protagonist, before the announcement, I wouldn't have been able to recognize them.
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User Info: Juihau

3 weeks ago#24
I guess Richter. Like, I knew of him from the memes, but I didn't know his name. I also knew of the DQ heroes, and if you showed me one, I could probably identify them being from DQ due to the Toriyama art style, but that's about it.

User Info: GammaDelta

3 weeks ago#25
I never knew about Richter until his reveal trailer.
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User Info: Orpeiu50

3 weeks ago#26
Simon/Ritcher, Joker and Terry.

Simon/Ritcher: I was absent from gamefaqs the week it was leaked so the reveal caught me off-guard, Castlevania is relatively unknown in my country do it's not surprising.

Joker: I didn't even knew Persona was a thing, let alone Joker.

Terry: same as Joker.

User Info: hyjinx17

3 weeks ago#27
No. I'm not a smash baby that has only ever played smash.
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User Info: Moonbrook

3 weeks ago#28
Terry. I at least knew about Banjo and Joker, even if I've never once played a game with either in it.
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User Info: CyberKitten05

3 weeks ago#29

User Info: PKSaltstorm

3 weeks ago#30

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