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  3. Should the next character be a FEMALE?

User Info: Kyarrii

2 months ago#11
If i see one more post saying a character should be in based on gender i'm gonna lose my mind.

who gives a s*** what the gender is????

User Info: IceHammer

2 months ago#12
No, it's 2019, stop identifying things by gender, the next character can be anything it wants to identify as.


Nivlax posted...
Cybersai flopic
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User Info: SmashSSL

2 months ago#13
Cybersai posted...


User Info: Geminosity

2 months ago#14
I'm more interested in WHO the character is in all honesty. Gender doesn't matter if it's someone boring as heck.

I'm not going to pretend it being a sausagefest so far is doing me any favours, but someone getting arbitrarily added just because they're female isn't going to help me much either, I'm not exactly going to to be excited for Monita for example :P

User Info: WM_Official

2 months ago#15
SmashBurb posted...
This one's bad even by Cybersai standards.

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User Info: Super_Sonic_4

2 months ago#16
If it's Milla Maxwell or Lightning, then yes.

User Info: Callistowo

2 months ago#17
alex from minecraft
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User Info: Kirbulant

2 months ago#18
You do realize that wanting a female just because she's a girl is just as sexist as wanting a male just because he's a boy? You're no different than Nintendo right now, but the difference between you and the Big N is that Nintendo isn't doing it on purpose
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User Info: AquariumGravel

2 months ago#19
When is it my turn to be Cybersai
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User Info: bengever

2 months ago#20
I bring this thread up a lot, but it's incredibly relevant to this dumpster fire so... here:
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  3. Should the next character be a FEMALE?
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