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User Info: Jedimess

1 week ago#11
I'm happy now.
Prepare for mild to severe discomfort!
You guys may hate each other, but I still appreciate everybody.

User Info: Jazzles

1 week ago#12
@Jedimess i clicked off than on again so i am following the rules. :P (That previous part isn't for you Jedi) was the deleted post for you? I bet youd smell like ice cream or carrot cake. Or art supplies lol.
Lets put a smile on that face :)
CheerUpCrewcut smells like CheerUpCrewcut.
Official Honey Dakimakura of Smashfaqs
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User Info: soliantu

1 week ago#14

"Until the end" - The citizens of Palmacosta.

User Info: Geminosity

1 week ago#15
RizaHawkeye1990 posted...
@Geminosity smells like one of those obesed, smelly,,hairy,introverted,basement dwellers I only see at smash locals

If you ever needed proof that Riza has never left their house and interacted with other people then the fact they think the smash stereotype smells sweet is proof enough (I've been on a particular kick of trying to smell "delicious" ever since I found a marshmallow scented shampoo. I'm used to people telling me I smell lovely but my goal now is for someone to joke they want to eat me :D)
Then again, they say you can't really smell yourself so I understand why they'd not realise hairy basement dwellers reek of stale sweat :p
(message deleted)

Like the ocean.
"Let's use our swords to shut him up!" - Matthew, Langrisser Mobile.
Current theme song: https://youtu.be/dEM2jvNliZM

User Info: lordhoopa

1 week ago#18
I smell like stabby
And diabetes.. Chocolate mmm [don't have diabetes]
2DS FC:2723-9601-7963.Ultra moon TSV:2262. Moon TSV:2197. Timezone is EDT. Have a good day!......Switch FC:SW -6667-7959-8172.. Don't @ me

User Info: ArleBayoen

1 week ago#19
probably like rancid BO because they post on a smash board unironically

User Info: Wildstar

1 week ago#20
I'd be so incredibly hapoy.
The thought of what they smell like wouldn't even cross my mind; I'd be too busy celebrating the fact that I'm finally with them in person.
As for my answer to TC's question, I'm sure this person smells like heaven.
"Are you okay?" A Fox/Terry co-main. Ryu Hayabusa is my most wanted character for Smash Ultimate. Party on, dudes and dudettes!
(edited 1 week ago)
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