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User Info: Triforceformer

1 week ago#1

Geno of Mario RPG, with a stage based on somewhere from Mario RPG like Smithy's Factory. Only two songs that are not Remixed as per usual (Cloud only got two and DQ only got two songs per repped game). Timed Hits gimmick.

Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear, with a stage related to something important in GG 2020's plot, whatever that may be. Daisuke yeets the soundtrack as Sakurai and says to go wild. Roman Cancel and Tension Meter gimmicks, in addition to the standard command inputs, 1v1 Facing, and stupid strong back air.

Dante from Devil May Cry. 11-15 songs with a focus on the vocal themes from later games. Stage based on the final level of DMC5 or Temen-ni-gru, either or. Style Switching with the Taunt buttons is his gimmick.

Heavy Team Fortress 2. Stage is 2fort, songlist has a lot of remixes of classic themes to make them suited for combat. Plus a couple of surprising songs from other Valve series. Unsure on gimmick, might be like BK in that he has one particularly noteworthy attack and that's it.

Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Stage is based on the Dives to the Heart in the series. Sora's gimmick likely revolves around Keyblade transformations in some way. Finally breaks the Square Enix curse and manages to get a respectable 10~ songs and some remixes.

Take it or leave it.

Fighter 5 of Season 1 was Doomguy.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 week ago#2
Reminder that Geno ain't coming.

User Info: ObeseCity

1 week ago#3
"You're about to get decaffeinated."
-Killer Bean

User Info: notok

1 week ago#4
https://imgur.com/a/8F17hbu https://imgur.com/a/YpFSEQX https://imgur.com/a/eYaISaN https://imgur.com/a/jCxlc26
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User Info: P1GM4N

1 week ago#5
Heavy alone seals the deal for me.
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User Info: demon_cleaner

1 week ago#6
Huuuh... I think I'd just stop at FP1.
Geno and Dante are the only ones I kinda like.

User Info: Lyncario

1 week ago#7
Would probably buy, even if Geno is a bad choice for dlc, as he doesn't bring any new content.
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User Info: lemon0

1 week ago#8
>geno and sora
i want to wake up from this nightmare badly
"Oi, World is messy place, yes? But at least we all have dreams. What are yours?"

User Info: Birdbrain

1 week ago#9
Don't even know who the Guilty Guy person and could care less about Geno but everyone, especially Tf2 Heavy is pretty nice
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User Info: bengever

1 week ago#10
Seems alright to me. Maybe Heavy could utilize the UberCharge? I know that's a thing Medic does, but I don't know what else he could have for a gimmick.
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