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User Info: quintonshark163

1 week ago#1
Who is the most fun to play as in the game? - Results (80 votes)
A big boi (DK, Bowser, Ganon, Dedede, Ridley, K. Rool, Incineroar)
33.75% (27 votes)
3.75% (3 votes)
Captain Falcon
5% (4 votes)
27.5% (22 votes)
Mr. Game & Watch
2.5% (2 votes)
15% (12 votes)
6.25% (5 votes)
3.75% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
2.5% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Honorable Mentions:
they're both fun to play as but really frustrating for opponents to fight. and the same can apply to......
-Ness, Lucas and maybe Joker and R.O.B.
-Jigglypuff, fun but is light AF and struggles to kill at times
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User Info: bengever

1 week ago#2
I have so much fun with Ridley and Terry in particular
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User Info: KingAshnard

1 week ago#3
In terms of sheer fun, I'd personally say K. Rool and Terry.
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User Info: BasedZamasu

1 week ago#4
"I'll be in the car, dudes." - Smithers

User Info: Puffy72

1 week ago#5
peach is easily the most fun character in the game but of your list maybe hero since he's fun to mess around with
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User Info: demon_cleaner

1 week ago#6
Banjo for me, he has everything I want in a character.
-good zoning
-some quick throw combos (with uthrow and dthrow)
-ability to gimp recoveries (courtesy of the eggs) and good off-stage presence in general
-lots of options and mix-ups for recovering
-a couple of disjoints where they matter most (like in the fsmash or in the bair)
-the big dumb "get off me" move, with Wonderwing
-weird improvised combos (courtesy of eggs and grenade eggs... like, egg + grenade + fair is a thing of beauty)
-last but not least, a personal connection and cartoony looks

He reminds me a bit of Lucas, my previous main. They really did him dirty in Ultimate, sadly, so I have mostly stuck with Banjo.
Ridley and Diddy would be my #2 and #3.

User Info: prsboys

1 week ago#7
Reason why I main him.
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User Info: guystarwind

1 week ago#8
In this list Snake. For me in general it's Simon.
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User Info: Caius13-2

1 week ago#9
guystarwind posted...
In this list Snake. For me in general it's Simon.

"In this list snake" oh what a good opinion
"For me in general its simon" you motherf***er
"Favorite game series: castelvania" you are forgiven
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User Info: Greator

1 week ago#10
This poll wouldn't look like this in few months. I find it absolutely hilarious how the newest DLC character is ALWAYS the "most fun" to play as. It happens every time. I even remember how Smash 4 Bayo was the best designed character ever, so fun. What a childish hype.
I actually meant it
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