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  3. When did you hear about SNK or KoF or Terry as a character himself?
For me I personally vaguly remember a flash animation from over a decade ago and there was this guy who mimicked Terry's quotes. I think it was terry i don't remember if it was actually him or not. He was in the car and all he said was "hey come on come on" and "are you okay!?!??" and I bursted out laughing for some reason even though I have no idea who Terry was at the time. I then got into MUGEN and saw King of Fighters games and thats how I found out about Terry for real and KOF in general. (Yes I made this topic just to express that weird time I saw Terry. I actually found the flash animation too. I watched it because it had the Dio combo meme! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/337653)
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User Info: Slime

3 days ago#2
I played Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters in the 1990s. The Sci-Fi Channel also played the Fatal Fury anime films when I was younger.
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User Info: CrazedCavalier

3 days ago#3

There's so many characters that browsing the site will invariably lead you to stumbling on KoF sooner rather than later.
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User Info: Lyncario

3 days ago#5
DuramanX4 namedroing him before the SNK leak, but I've really learned about him during the SNK leak. Though, I think that I've seen him a long time ago in a Mugen video, but I did'nt understood it at the time due to my Frenchie brain not understanding Enlgish very well at the time.
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User Info: wariude

3 days ago#6
Back around 1998 when I played KoF 96 in the local arcade.
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User Info: SpeedSh0t92

3 days ago#7
When I first played Capcom vs SNK 2 at a friends place a few years after it released
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User Info: SirRobX

3 days ago#8
I don't know, probably through friends in the late 2000's
I never paid much attention to SNK games though, never actually played any (since I've stuck with Nintendo)

Edit: Metal Slug though, that I played in an arcade when I was little. The game was really memorable but I didn't know the name until much later, and I didn't know it was associated with SNK until later still.
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User Info: demon_cleaner

3 days ago#9
SNK since forever, I've always played tons of Metal Slug. Terry a bit later.

User Info: fretless58

3 days ago#10
The Street Fighter Flash Collab back on Newgrounds had a segment where some KoF characters appeared, but I didn't really get it at the time. I also got KoF XIII for free on PS Plus on PS3 years ago.
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  3. When did you hear about SNK or KoF or Terry as a character himself?
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