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So who is this forum's actual most wanted?

Well, the polling system sucks at finding out, so I'm going to make a Google Form including every possible nomination, and you are going to vote for your favorite.

The poll itself is going to be a checkbox poll. Everyone simply checks every character they want - no having to decide. Once a month or so has passed, I'll pick the top 10 and we'll do a finals poll on the forum..

But I can't think of EVERY character a person would want on that poll, so this thread is so you can tell me who should be included.

So post your nominations here!

User Info: DuranmanX4

3 days ago#2
I got most of mine, and the rest are spirits or ATs

the next biggest one for me would be Ryu Hayabusa
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User Info: Anti1029

3 days ago#3
Obligatory Sora.
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User Info: Jackyturbo

3 days ago#4
Parappa the rapper
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User Info: Zero_Suit_Vi

3 days ago#5
Well ... I'm gonna nominate some characters that figure in my MW then !

Midna (Of course)
Bandana Dee (Pretty sure that even if I don't nominate him, someone else would haha)
Gardevoir (Best Gen 3 Pokemon ever !)
Viridi (KI have so many cool characters ! But Viridi is my choice)
Blanc/Neptune (Both from HyperDimension Neptunia, and both are possible choices due to Blanc unique circunstances)
Agnes (Or "Warriors of Lights" aka a Hero type character with alts of everyone from Bravely Default !)

There ! I hope we were allowed to post more than one submission
Still hoping and cheering up for my Twilight Princess ! Bandana Dee for the win as well !

User Info: The_Korey

3 days ago#6
Also Captain Syrup and King Boo.
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User Info: Don_Dondon

3 days ago#7
Rex and Crash

Two very different characters
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User Info: Spider-Vader

3 days ago#8
Master Chief

User Info: P1GM4N

3 days ago#9
Cole Phelps
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User Info: Izzy0585

3 days ago#10
I keep track of who I want. I know who a few others on here want, either by having similar interests or because they remind everyone on a daily basis, but generally I don't keep track of the collective so I could not say for certain. There might not be a definitive answer.

Personally, since the ballot started with the last game and I noticed a sense of fostering relations with other manufacturers and game companies by using their third parties as advertisements, I started really thinking about who I wanted or would like to see, regardless of the likelihood or current tangibility. My first pick for a while has been Bubblun and Bobblun from Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars and Bust-a-Move (although in two of those spinoffs they're typically Bubby and Bobby, their human forms, which could work as their temporary "Smash gimmick"), and close behind that is Master Higgins from Adventure Island, with his variety of weaponry as well as the ability to summon the different species of dinosaurs for performing specific attacks, side specials, recovery, efficiency in water, etc.

Both are relatively unlikely given that their previous developers, Taito and Hudson Soft respectively, are now either under different ownership and/or are dissolved almost entirely and their IPs belong in others' hands. I'd say Master Higgins being more unlikely, because Square-Enix still lets Taito operate under their own brand and logo and Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is getting a European release this month, and an international one next year. In the case of Adventure Island, Hudson Soft is completely dissolved and with Konami having control of their properties, I don't see him coming through if their other big name, Bomberman, didn't. That goes for their third big mascot which was Bonk, whose been gone for quite some time now (I wouldn't mind seeing the Turbografx getting some representation through their de facto mascot in a similar way we're seeing Neo Geo now.)
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