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  3. how would you react if jonesy actually got into smash ultimate?

User Info: Slime

4 weeks ago#1
i've never played fortnite and never will, and i would probably not be interested in playing as jonesy

that said, i don't care if he gets in because i already got my two most wanted characters
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User Info: Cameron1058

4 weeks ago#2
Grabs popcorn
Bomberman was robbed this game, Gdi Nintendo! Bomberman for Smash!

User Info: SomeBlindGuy

4 weeks ago#3
I'd feel the same thing I felt when Daisy was revealed: dissapointment.
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User Info: JustinTheJagged

4 weeks ago#4
Like I would to any other addition that isn't my most wanted, complete and absolute apathy.

User Info: Pious

4 weeks ago#5
They should have went with Thanos.
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User Info: empireoffire

4 weeks ago#6
My opinion hinges entirely on what his taunts would be.
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User Info: Down_B_Counter

4 weeks ago#7
Gordon Freeman, Dr. Eggman, Waluigi, Crash Bandicoot, and Shovel Knight for Smash

User Info: Ender68

4 weeks ago#8
Cameron1058 posted...
Grabs popcorn

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User Info: Yosuke_Erdrick

4 weeks ago#9
Laugh for a solid hour then rush to gamefaqs to watch the fire
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User Info: RayThrust

4 weeks ago#10
Cameron1058 posted...
Grabs popcorn
This. The board would bring the salt.

Wouldn’t buy him though.
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  3. how would you react if jonesy actually got into smash ultimate?
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