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User Info: Metagross15

4 weeks ago#41
Cameron1058 posted...

User Info: DarkkHawke

4 weeks ago#42
Steve’s great.

rest is garbage

User Info: neji721

4 weeks ago#43

I am a Talim main, but everyone knows nightmare would be the rep for soul calibur

User Info: Kokonutz

4 weeks ago#44
I'm on board because of Rex

User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 weeks ago#45
Pack 1: Spring Man (ARMS). (3/10 i like him but underwhelming since he's an assist. If any assist is to be turned playable just get Waluigi and Shadow out of the way)

Pack 2: Rex & Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles). (2/10 even worse because he's nothing more than a flavor of the month character.)

Pack 3: Sophitia (SoulCalibur). (2/10 there are better Namco reps, hell even better Soul Calibur reps.)

Pack 4: Steve (Minecraft). (4/10 I personally just don't want him. i don't think we need a 2nd Microsoft rep unless it's Master Chief)

Pack 5: Scorpion (Mortal Kombat). (10/10 but I know it's not happening.)

21/50 or 4.2/10

round it, 4/10
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User Info: LeonMitarashi

4 weeks ago#46

Scorpion, Sophitia and Rex are cool. Don't really care about Spring Man and Steve is literally my least wanted.
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