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  3. How do you feel about the Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest representation as of now?

User Info: NamelessShame

4 weeks ago#11
DMZapp posted...
Dragon Quest is alright given the circumstances (spread across several companies, greedy musician). The fact Square actually bent their own rules regarding the Hero is also a huge positive.
Final Fantasy, however, is another story. Even not counting Cloud only speaking Japanese, there is a lot missing in terms of music and spirits. My only hopes are perhaps some Final Fantasy costumes come with music, and maybe more spirits are added via events.

Pretty much this. Could use a Chocobo AT to go with it.
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User Info: Venza

4 weeks ago#12
It’s better then nothing I suppose.
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User Info: ZenithianHero

4 weeks ago#13
Final Fantasy universe actually downgraded in Ultimate thanks to no returning Chocobo Mii costume.

If they cut Cloud next game I wouldn't miss him. I like Final Fantasy but the amount of content for it is pathetic.
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User Info: Ender68

4 weeks ago#14
Final Fantasy representation is ass. Should have a Chocobo assist, at least 30 songs, spirits from across the entire franchise, Sephiroth as a boss, and maybe even another character. Preferably one from the SNES era, like Cecil, Bartz, or Terra.

Dragon Quest is represented ok I guess, but it should have some more stuff. It needs more spirits, more songs, orchestrated songs, Zoma as a boss, and maybe an assist that's a party member from DQ11. Probably someone like Erik or Veronica.
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  3. How do you feel about the Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest representation as of now?
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