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  3. It has now been 12 years since Sonic was first announced for Brawl. Time flies.

User Info: Need2KnowLion

4 days ago#1
Did you watch that reveal live?

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User Info: estejor

4 days ago#2
Need2KnowLion posted...
Did you watch that reveal live?

no, because I had no internet back then

User Info: ruldoph_cloud

4 days ago#3
I remeber checking the dojo that day and seeing the "New Challenger" banner. I savoured it as usual before scrolling down the page.

One of the very few times something like this made me jump out my chair and yelp with excitement.

The others were the Cloud reveal trailer (made me hyperventailate,) and "EVERYBODY IS HERE"

Yeah, I'm a nerd.
No, because
1) i wasn't really into video games, let alone Nintendo and Smash Bros.
2) i loved cartoons more than anything else
3) i didn't know what the hell the internet was until 2012
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User Info: Blayshy

4 days ago#5
I almost jumped out my dad's chair, at the time. (I didn't have my own computer yet.)
I am pretty sure I know what to do now.
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User Info: mew2ds

4 days ago#6
The one that really killed me was megaman announcement, he was my most wanted since this trailer dropped
The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense

User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 days ago#7
I do remember that trailer which was met with a facepalm and a long sigh at yet another zero hype inclusion not to mention the awful music in the trailer.
Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

User Info: joecorp

4 days ago#8
Yes and I remember thinking the reveal felt kinda mundane compared to Snake.

Still a cool moment though
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User Info: bearmedal

4 days ago#9
I was checking the Dojo like I did every morning since its creation.

I saw the "Challenger Approaching" banner and my heart leapt with excitement and anticipation.

I scrolled down, saw who it was, then stared agog at my laptop for several minutes.

Then, because I couldn't fully process the ramifications of this, I just started laughing.

User Info: DrOrpheus42

4 days ago#10
I watched the reveal trailer three times that day.

The first time, just staring in amazement unable to process anything.

The second time, paying attention to what attacks he'd actually do and how way past cool he looked doing it.

The third time, because the synchronization with Live and Learn was just so friggin' epic.
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  3. It has now been 12 years since Sonic was first announced for Brawl. Time flies.
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