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  3. Does your main have at least one dead parent? (See inside for 2nd question)

User Info: Kirbulant

1 week ago#11
I don't believe we ever hear about the Queen of Hyrule unless it's Zelda
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User Info: benjiross1

1 week ago#12
Paper Mario - Unsure
Master Chief - Unsure
Waluigi - Unsure
Adeleine & Ribbon - Unsure
Pajama Sam - No

Ganondorf - Unsure
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User Info: ganjo

1 week ago#13
R.O.B ? Hmmm for a robot you could argue the creator is the parent. So who designed him? (Looks up rob on wikipedia)... it's Gunpei Yokoi... so RIP...

Yes Heihachi's parents are dead.
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User Info: Jedimess

1 week ago#14
Kirby: I dunno!

Daisy: Most likely? Hopefully?

Agnés: If the mother vestal was her real mother, she's probably dead. I dunno about her father though.

Tiz: sniff...

Ringabel: He doesn't know, and probably doesn't care either.

Edea: Her dad is a cripple and her mom is sick, but they're alive for now! :D
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User Info: Wildstar

1 week ago#15
Richter = Well, at the current point in the Castlevania timeline, yes, his parents are dead (and so is he). During Rondo of Blood, though? I'm honestly not sure. His parents aren't mentioned at all in the game.

Ryu Hayabusa = Yes. His father, Ken Hayabusa, dies in the opening cutscene of Ninja Gaiden 1. I don't know about his mother, though.
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User Info: Ender68

1 week ago#16
Snake = Both of his "parents" die in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Ryu Hayabusa = As mentioned above, Ken Hayabusa dies in Ninja Gaiden 1.
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User Info: Someguy1006

1 week ago#17
Young Link's parents are definitely dead.

Kiryu's parents were killed by his father figure when he was a baby. Then, in Yakuza 1 his father figure dies.
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User Info: Lil_Bit83

1 week ago#18
Mega Man-Considering he was built, he only has one parent. Though the old codger is bound to kick the bucket sooner or later.

Dixie Kong-I've never heard a thing about her family, aside from her little cousin Kiddy so I dunno.
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User Info: Azshara

1 week ago#19
AzureScrublord posted...
Ganondorf- ...Well, if they weren't dead in Ocarina, they almost certainly were by the time of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Sora- Well, we know he has a mom at least. But she hasn't even been mentioned since the first game. No word on his dad though.

Riku mentioned Sora’s dad to Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep that he often takes Riku and Sora to the smaller playground island that is the mostly visited part of Destiny Islands in the Kingdom Hearts series so they can hang out there.

User Info: TalesofLizalfos

1 week ago#20
Richter. Not that I'm aware of.

Luke fon Fabre. No, his parents are alive and well.
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