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  3. Does your main have at least one dead parent? (See inside for 2nd question)

User Info: Need2KnowLion

6 days ago#1
And also does your most wanted have at least one dead parent?

User Info: Mythtaker

6 days ago#2
Kirby has = Who the hell knows?
Elma has = Who the hell knows?

User Info: DK9292

6 days ago#3
We don't know anything about Little Mac's family life, afaia.

Same with Waluigi.
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User Info: LilySodachi

6 days ago#4
Rosalina's entire backstory kind of revolves around her dead mother, lol.

As for my most wanted, I don't think there's much official information regarding Jill's parents anyway; though in the novels her father is fleshed out a bit more and he's stated to be alive but in prison iirc and her mother is implied to have been absent early in Jill's life, but those aren't canon to the games.
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User Info: Tabbender

6 days ago#5
Ness doesn't, Lucas does

Reimu probably does
Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede, Ridley, Wolf, Ryu, Cloud - who the hell knows? Ridley killed Samus' parents tho so it's worth mentioning

Palutena - she doesn't parents, because she's a goddess but then again, Jesus had God as a father, and Hercules had a father too

Daisy - we don't know who the hell her parents are, but we do know that she's a princess, meaning she has parents (a king and a queen), don't know if they're dead or not tho.

Pichu - the father varies, but the mother will always be Pikachu or Raichu (if evolved), cause he's a pokémon

Kommo-o - as with Pichu, cause he's a pokémon, the mother will always be a member of his evolution line whiling the father varies

Toad, Waluigi, Skull Kid, Bandana Dee, Edelgard, Rex, Octoling, Isaac, Takamaru, Chorus Kids, Shadow (not my most-wanteds, at least not as much as Daisy and Ridley were or as much as Kommo-o is, just those I would welcome with open arms) - who the hell knows?

Gardevoir, Sceptile, Tyranitar, Scizor, Krookodile (also along the lines with the ones above) - they're both pokémon so for the last time, the mother will always be a member of their respective evolution lines
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6 days ago#7
Mewtwo: I'm leaning towards yes.

Shantae: Her father, assuming from a trip to the underworld in Pirate's Curse.

Crash: I don't think natural bandicoots live particularly long, and who knows if him and Coco were born into Cortex's captivity.

quintonshark163 posted...
Cloud - who the hell knows?

Cloud's mother was living in Nibelheim. Before and during the massacre/arson.
My Smash most wanteds: Shantae and Crash Bandicoot
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User Info: CheerUpCrewcut

6 days ago#8
Lucas - Winning won't bring Hinawa back. Or Claus.

Niiue - Depends on what you consider parents. Technically he was created by Giegue as a manifestation of Giegue's positive emotions about humanity, Maria, and George. Whether Giegue or Maria counts as a parent, the answer is probably.
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User Info: GammaDelta

6 days ago#9
Marth's parents are... not here anymore.

And Phoenix Wright's parents are never ever mentioned in the series, so who knows.
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Ganondorf- ...Well, if they weren't dead in Ocarina, they almost certainly were by the time of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Sora- Well, we know he has a mom at least. But she hasn't even been mentioned since the first game. No word on his dad though.
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  3. Does your main have at least one dead parent? (See inside for 2nd question)
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